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  1. Fester999

    Advanced course

    I had some bad habits to get rid of. My 19 year old daughter wants to try pillion. The seat on my Mt10 isn't designed for comfort, and she hasn't got any kit. So probably won't happen.
  2. Fester999

    Advanced course

    I might make enquires re the car course. The biking one has made me better tbf.
  3. Fester999

    Advanced course

    I've just renewed my bike insurance so won't know if it reduces my premium until next year.
  4. Fester999

    Advanced course

    I'm about to take my IAM test on motorbikes. It has improved my riding massively. Has anyone done the course in a car?
  5. Fester999

    Has anyone got tyres from "my tyres"

    I needed tyre insurance had this bolt in my motorbike tyre, managed to get it repaired.
  6. Fester999

    Aircon Top up

    I took my last car a 63 plate leon fr to a recommended garage for a re gas. He did it but said my compressor was failing and said he would fix it for £400! I took it straight to Seat in Stoke they tested it, it had been re gassed but the compressor was running at 98% efficiency. I went back told...
  7. Fester999

    Audi clocked @ 200mph

    Hopefully they'll get some jail time. I haven't got a Cupra got a 1.4 150 fr. I have got a 1000cc Yamaha Mt10 but doesn't mean I ride around like a complete large head. Just because you've got something quick doesn't mean you have to behave like a moron. I have no end of boy racers trying it on.
  8. Fester999

    Time for insurance renewal

    Yamaha Mt10 I'm 50 next month. No points, tracker fitted. I'm half way through the advanced course but it's obviously on hold. I don't need breakdown as I get it through my bank account. I've added various bits such as leather and helmet cover and personal accident. I've stayed with Hastings but...
  9. Fester999

    Time for insurance renewal

    I've been on the comparison sites. Think I've decided now. Bewiser online was £191 they called me and said £247! Er no. He said £220 but with no commuting. Won't be using them.
  10. Fester999

    Infotainment (Head unit) blank screen/crashes

    Mine doesn't go blank but does crash and restart if I use Spotify.
  11. Fester999

    Traffic police tv programmes.

    The Gpz600 brings back memories.
  12. Fester999

    Time for insurance renewal

    Thanks I have been insured with you before on cars, I'll give you a call and get a quote.
  13. Fester999

    Time for insurance renewal

    My motorbike insurance is due this month. It's gone up by £70! I've not claimed got no points got older. Now it's the usual shopping around lark. I see that if I don't let my current provider know I'm cancelling they renew automatically, I pay it annually. I'm 50 next feckin month should be peanuts!
  14. Fester999

    Should I be cross?

    I was promised a year's road tax £145 as part of the deal when I bought my leon. I fetched the wife to have a look she said buy it. The smarmy salesman then denied promising the tax, my mrs shouted at him in front of a showroom "you are a liar." We were soon sorted with a deal. You can tell...
  15. Fester999

    New member

    Thanks I'm finding useful information from here already.
  16. Fester999

    SEAT Extends Warranty Cover for 3 months and announces new finance offers

    No it was serviced before this thread. I will speak to the dealer next week and see what they say.
  17. Fester999

    SEAT Extends Warranty Cover for 3 months and announces new finance offers

    I spoke to Seat UK, the chap said he wasn't aware of any extension. He said any issues that came up due to you not being able to get your car into a dealer would be covered. So my warranty expired on the 27th of April but I have since had my car serviced by local Seat dealer and no issues. So I...
  18. Fester999

    Seat cover question

    I have a 2017 Leon Fr facelift hatchback. I need a seat cover just for the driver's seat. I have got a snap on one but it's crap, doesn't fit very well. Has anyone got a link to a decent fitting cover? Cheers Fester
  19. Fester999

    What was your first motor??

    My first car was a 1979 t reg 1100cc mini clubman. It felt fast! Passed my test first time day after wrapped it around a tree! Now drive a 2017 1.4 leon fr and a Yamaha Mt10.
  20. Fester999

    Dab radio issue.

    If I switch it to just station info view it works then. I just didn't want to ask the dealer about a seemingly small issue.
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