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  1. Jonathan Bassett

    Water Behind Petrol Flap

    I jet washed mine, sorted in seconds.
  2. Jonathan Bassett

    Tyre pressures

    I just used the recommended.. If I've remembered correctly; 38PSI front? 35PSI rear?
  3. Jonathan Bassett

    OBDeleven encodings

    Can you confirm what codings/adaptations you used? cheers
  4. Jonathan Bassett

    Different rear lights?

    Only one reverse light which is LED so I’d say that’s correct.
  5. Jonathan Bassett

    OBDeleven encodings

    Sorry yeah I meant adaptions, I used this thread as a reference but it didn’t work.
  6. Jonathan Bassett

    OBDeleven encodings

    I tried activating cornering fogs, both via the apps function on OBD11 & via long coding. Neither worked. Long coding activated fogs to ON constant, with dipped beam. So coded it back to standard.
  7. Jonathan Bassett

    Ibiza Specs

    You probably can, however it’ll be totally pointless as you’ve no sensors for it to work with. It would literally just show the set-up with no feedback.
  8. Jonathan Bassett

    Ibiza Fr 115 6th gear issue?

    Try it in sport mode next time, it does increase throttle response alittle.
  9. Jonathan Bassett

    Ibiza Specs

    It's because the rear sensors are an added option for the FR & FR Sport. I'd imagine its activated for xcellence, maybe someone can confirm this?
  10. Jonathan Bassett

    Ibiza Specs

    Shows you how close you are in correlation to which sensor is sensing what.
  11. Jonathan Bassett

    Petrol cap

    Just jet washed mine. Cleared straight away
  12. Jonathan Bassett

    Ibiza Specs

    You’ll need an OBD reader, I use OBD11 but there is Carista too.
  13. Jonathan Bassett

    Ibiza Specs

    I did the same, obviously works perfectly, coded mine to work with the centre screen also.
  14. Jonathan Bassett

    OBDeleven encodings

    Yeah it should do. You’ll need a device that plugs into the OBD port. I use OBD11 but there’s also Carista.
  15. Jonathan Bassett

    OBDeleven encodings

    Activated in my Ibiza fr Sport too, works perfectly fine!
  16. Jonathan Bassett

    Winter is here.

    It could be, if it is fogging up nearly all the time it could be a cause of water ingress as there’s moisture in the cars interior... can’t be anything too serious though, as usually you’ll be able to feel water in the foot wells, and/or water in the boot, where the spare wheel is housed.
  17. Jonathan Bassett

    Winter is here.

    I find a 100% clean windscreen, and then the cars climate control set to auto and at 20° it stays clear while its raining. That’s after the initial fogging it does from cold.
  18. Jonathan Bassett

    Relay Clicking or Lack of Deadening

    Guess I’m weird, but I like to hear it
  19. Jonathan Bassett

    Best mpg out of your 95/115 hp

    I think I’ll go Tesla next. A model 3 long range or performance would be nice ;)
  20. Jonathan Bassett

    2019 FR Sport tyre pressures

    I think that middle one with the ‘I’ is related to temperature change, possibly for colder weather?
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