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  1. dids

    Frozen Screen

    When I collected mine i was told its a common problem and there's nothing they can do because its cold. He said if it keeps doing when the weather warms up they will have another look at it.
  2. dids

    Thank you and good night.

    Evening Rob it has got C,C.and is a manual. I got mine for Audi Approved and its a ex demo with £7,500 knocked off it with 1800 miles on the clock,i think it had just gone on there web page that morning because there wasn't a picture of it and was to good to miss. Had all the lady joke...
  3. dids

    Thank you and good night.

    Well after just under 2 years i have traded my Leon in,it was starting to get problems which when I took them in to be sorted under warranty were fixed then in a few weeks they were back,the warranty runs out in May, it was a shame because it was a great car and ticked all the boxers.Now the...
  4. dids

    Rear wiper problem (not returning to rest position)

    Had mine sorted,they said i must of turn it on when it was frozen and done some thing to the central position sensor.That's the second time its been in since Xmas.Ive had enough and traded it in and got myself a Audi.Its not just the wiper,the radio picks stations at random and they said thats...
  5. dids

    Rear wiper problem (not returning to rest position)

    My Leon is going in on Wednesday for this and the radio touch screen, both have been repaired at Christmas and had a "update "but its back the radio just picks random selection and the wiper just stops in different places.
  6. dids

    2017 Leon - monsoon grey vs technic grey

    Here's my monsoon grey
  7. dids

    Frozen Screen

    My Leon going in for the same problem for its 3rd time on Wednesday.
  8. dids

    Rear wiper

    Mine has started doing it,it stops in different places on the window.Looks like its another phone call to Seat.
  9. dids

    FR 184 terrible fuel economy

    Newcastle upon Tyne to Stockport it returned 62 MPG,thats doing 70 most of the way and a little faster when someone was in the way.
  10. dids

    Car insurance

    Last year i was with Direct Line,they sent me my renewal £150 more the year before.I shopped about including going on to Direct Line site though Quidco web site as a new customer.Ended up getting £25 off Quidco and £150 off with Direct Line as a new customer so i paid the same as last year.
  11. dids

    Does the FR TDI MK3 suffer from the same DPF issues as the MK2?

    I've had my MK3 184 FR for 18 mouths and the DPF light has come on twice,i think that was i had not been any where in it for a few weeks and the wife had been using it for work which is a 10 min drive.If you are going to do alot of short trips i think you will need to go for a blast every other...
  12. dids

    Aerial & GPS locator

    The DAB aerial is in the back window, not sure about the GPS.
  13. dids

    Picked up my Monsoon Grey ST 290 Black DSG on Friday

    Got myFR from Lookers Stockport
  14. dids

    Rear light warranty work - is this standard practice?

    I rang the dealer up telling them that after washing my car there was condescension in both rear lights, booked it in and collected it 2 hours later job done.
  15. dids

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    I was thinking of tinting the back lights,how easy is it "Who me" and where did you get your tint.
  16. dids


    I have Spotify on my phone and just use bluetooth.
  17. dids

    Leon ST FR 184 opinions

    Had my FR184 for 17 mouths,its a great car handles great, great engine fast and economical so you can have the best of both worlds.Not sure what you mean about the back end its no bigger than say a Golf or A3.
  18. dids

    What next..

    Have you been given any prices to extend your warranty and have you had to have it serviced at Seat.My warranty is up in April was thinking of how much it would be ,but my car is serviced at my brothers Vauxhall garage.
  19. dids

    Touch-screen replacement question

    Had mine replaced a for mouths ago sure they only replace the screen because all the settings were unchanged.
  20. dids

    Frequent DPF Regen

    I do a lot of short tips in the week and in a year the DPF waring light has come on once.The one time it came on i went on the motorway and drove at 2,200 revs for just over 10 mins and the light went out,im not sure why ours is coming all the time if you are giving it a clean at weekend. There...
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