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  1. Tyres Cracking already

    Got the same year half old 18 inch but the standard fit pirrelli cinteratu
  2. Different rear lights?

    The bulb is the reverse light oddly. The led is the fog light. My Ibiza and Arona both same
  3. Drive mode

    Agree mine same. If I toggle back through to sport it changes throttle response you can tell
  4. Drive mode

    Nope found answer in brochure it resets to normal each time your turn off!!! See below from brochure When the engine is switched off it will store the driving profile that was selected when the ignition was turned off. When restarted, the engine and the gearbox will start in their Normal...
  5. Drive mode

    Although we leave in sport I have noticed that when I leave car say overnight and drive again it seems more sluggish. Then if I cycle through back to sport again it seems much quicker. Does it reset itself I wondered back to normal?
  6. Hot starting on 1.0 115

    Couple of times when car has been driven, left for about thirty mins and then started, it seems to start almost too quickly and doesn't fire up, Just comes up ignition on and warning tone. If I stop and then she start it's always fine. It's fine from cold start and equally fine if I go into...
  7. What Modifications have you done?

    Any difference with the filter? Is yours the one litre 115ps
  8. GPF System (Gasoline Particulate Filter)

    Does anyone know exactly when they were put into arona and Ibiza? Our Arona built September 2018 and my Ibiza Feb 2019. How can you tell? Is there anything to check?
  9. Touch up paint

    Yes they do we have one! Took ages to order
  10. DAB radio station logo’s

    Yes I did all of mine found all station logo on internet and stored on memory stick really easy five min job
  11. Seat drive app

    Going to try downloading version I think give it a go
  12. Trim for gear lever surround

    On the Arona there is coloured trim surround that matches the door panels and also the dashboard coloured section. For example white door white dashboard white gear surround. I wondered if the gear surround just clips on and fits Ibiza? Thought ice silver matching my door trims would look...
  13. Ibiza 2018 fuel flap jamming

    I think the front cover moves on the black back but doesn't seem to move back
  14. Ibiza 2018 fuel flap jamming

    Think it does move I had same happen on my Audi a 3 similar design.
  15. Ibiza 2018 fuel flap jamming

    Yes I am sure it's worse, her parents sounds like yours hitting body works
  16. Ibiza 2018 fuel flap jamming

    I think they seem to move backwards over time. Don't know how but my wife Arona and her father's are same not central. My Ibiza is for now will keep close eye on it
  17. Seat drive app

    Yeah just wondering if anyone got this working?
  18. Seat drive app

    The my seat app is fully detailed on seat.Com but not on UK site and I can't find in the play store. Does anyone have this working for their Ibiza in the UK?
  19. Seat drive app

    Does this still exist? I can't find on play store but have found a download for it. Also I have vw data plug from my polo g wondered if this would work in the Ibiza too? Looks like there is a my seat app as well but not in UK? ?
  20. Replacement rear Ibiza FR diffuser with fake exhausts part number

    If I am correct you don't need to take bumper off, it's two screws under car and then unclips and New one clips back on. There was video on here. Think about 15 min job Max. Hours labour seems steep. Did you get your old one back too?
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