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  1. AlpineWhite

    8v GTI exhaust help please

    £108 is cheap. 8v and 16v have different exhaust diameters. You could use a reducing section, that steps the diameters down, but it'll probably wipe out most of that £15. DIYing exhausts is a pain. The bolts may come away easily but you'll probably find that the sections of exhaust have...
  2. AlpineWhite

    Thinking of selling my 8v

    Was going to come to an end sooner or later, chaps. The Fab is going strong.... not as much fun to drive as a mk2 though.
  3. AlpineWhite

    Engine covers for 2.0 8v

    repaint the rocker cover, quicker and easier than bodging a cover on.
  4. AlpineWhite

    Show off your mk2 ibiza :)

    Engine went pop again, I think.
  5. AlpineWhite

    Engine Mounts

    Have you seen this man's engine bay?
  6. AlpineWhite

    mk 2 ibiza heater dials light up??

    Giving mine a tap worked. For a while.
  7. AlpineWhite

    Front ABS sensor - is there a trick to fitting these?

    I found the same. I think I got the file out for mine.
  8. AlpineWhite

    Mk2 Ibiza on fifth gear now

    Probably not as it's on channel 5 - www.five.tv :)
  9. AlpineWhite

    Mk2 Ibiza on fifth gear now

    Ben Collins vs. one of the others, who can drive on two wheels the longest? Expert tuition from Terry Grant. Quite entertaining, even if the mk2 did end up with one or 'dings' and a blown engine :D
  10. AlpineWhite

    EnGbudd's Euro Ibiza mk2

    Matt, Your car is like a pint of Guiness. That is all. :)
  11. AlpineWhite

    oil cooler opinions?!

    As above, not worth it unless you're giving it stick around a track on a warm day. Keep an eye on your oil temp. It's good to have it fairly warm.
  12. AlpineWhite

    New engine for my ibiza

    And in the lupo gti :)
  13. AlpineWhite

    Sad SAD Day :(

    Suj You can join a select group of us in the honorary old timers mk2 owners club :p
  14. AlpineWhite

    Sad SAD Day :(

    Didn't hang around long did it? Glad to hear its gone to a good home. I have to say I miss mine at times. Especially miss having a petrol engine but needs must. Let us know what replaces the valver, and stick around on here!
  15. AlpineWhite

    best tyres for gti?

    Goodyear Eagles were fantastic on my mk2. Have T1-Rs on my Fabia now, not lasting as long and they don't inspire confidence like the Eagles did.
  16. AlpineWhite

    MK3 cupra exhaust on 8v gti?

    Just need a reducer.
  17. AlpineWhite

    Fitting Front Shocks..

    All very well until you want to undo it without a buzz gun. Or until you stretch the threads due to overtorque. I'll keep with the wrench ta.
  18. AlpineWhite

    Fitting Front Shocks..

    You'll need a torque wrench too.
  19. AlpineWhite

    pressed plates on mk2s!

    Had some on mine for shows, have a look in the link in my Sig
  20. AlpineWhite


    Fiver says the rubber seal around the clutch cable in the scuttle panel has come loose.
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