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  1. Bye Bye Leon

    I'm currently on my 3rd Leon but I've decided to go for something a bit different. A BMW 335d xdrive. 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and 630nm torque! I'll be sad to see the Leon go :cry: , but I'm sure I'll be back, probably in a 4 wheel drive Cupra if/when they finally release one. Bye all.
  2. Pcp paying off early?

    Didn't affect mine at all.
  3. Effects on DSG after tune

    ....all driven by Kimi Raikkonen. :)
  4. Effects on DSG after tune

    What are you doing with them? Towing trucks?
  5. Anyone got an FR DSG coming off PCP soon?

    Margin is about £1500 - I just got offered £10,500 from the dealer, similar mileage.
  6. Anyone got an FR DSG coming off PCP soon?

    How weird. I've got the exact same car (a year older) and am thinking of doing the same thing!
  7. New car delivery in August

    1. This only matters if you are buying it at the end of the term 2. They should delay registering it. It will just sit in the car park for a few weeks.
  8. Oil temp

    90 is too low
  9. prices

    Usually it's better to hand it back than pay the balloon payment. They generally seem to go for somewhere between trade in and retail.
  10. prices

    This doesn't matter unless you are thinking of keeping it for more than 3 years. Leasing and buying seem to break even at around 3 1/2 years so the loss you make from new when trading in is about the same as having leased for 3 1/2 years. One negative about leasing is condition - you get...
  11. Oil temp

    Average 100 on my petrol. Looks normal to me.
  12. Private plate help!

    This. None of your options looks like Lee. I wouldn't have guessed what it was supposed to be unless you had told me.
  13. Engine stop-start; best practice

    I would say it is unreasonable under any circumstances for a starter motor to wear out within 3 years. If it's due to the stop/start then as CyberGene says, it's VAGs problem. The law is on our side :D
  14. 1.4TSI 150 oil choice

    Do you know this to be true? The manual states you must use 504.00 for long service intervals but you can use 502.00 for normal service intervals so I would say the dealers would use both.
  15. Running In period!

    I did and I also read the handbook.
  16. Running In period!

  17. 280 owners. Getting the power down?

    I get wheel spin all the time with the same spec. Been meaning to get better tyres but haven't got round to it. Will definitely get a 4wd next time so unless SEAT come up with one then it's bye bye.
  18. Condensation AGAIN Arrggghhhhh

    Yeah but if the evaporator is outside the cabin then it doesn't matter. Either way, having aircon on works a treat for me.
  19. Condensation AGAIN Arrggghhhhh

    Sorry, but why not?
  20. Condensation AGAIN Arrggghhhhh

    How do you know the water doesn't drain outside the car (which I think it does)?
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