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  1. Exhaust Query

    Hi, I have a Milltek fitted to my Ibiza Cupra 1.4TSi and need a standard exhaust for it. I cant seem to find one anywhere and i know when the milltek was fitted, the original was cut off. Is there any way to get an original again without spending the earth? Thanks
  2. Door Handle Problem

    Thanks for the Links and help guys
  3. Door Handle Problem

    Is it a side specific item though? I can see plenty for passenger side but not drivers side, and also is drivers door different to rear door?
  4. Door Handle Problem

    Does anyone have a Part Number for this to replace? Thanks
  5. Door Handle Problem

    I'm having this same issue, same door, same symptoms and everything! Is it an MOT fail? EDIT: Also, is the front module the same as the rear?
  6. Spawney's White Cupra

    Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't replied to any of your questions! L8 LWE: I bought Silvatec's off ebay for the indicators. Trekkie: The Wing indicators aren't that bright because of the smoked lens. If you do a search on ebay, they're the same as the mk4 ones, and golfs I think too...
  7. Spawney's White Cupra

    Yeah turns out lovely mate. Booked in for end of april to have the wheels sprayed properly, as they are plasti dipped currently.
  8. Spawney's White Cupra

    Thanks guys. Here she is after a nice wash
  9. 1.4TSi Oil Change Guide

    Thanks, I will just take it somewhere to be done then.
  10. 1.4TSi Oil Change Guide

    Hi guys, Just wondering if there is a guide for changing the 1.4TSi oil and filter online? Cheers
  11. Spawney's White Cupra

    Fitted a Milltek Cat back today, the downpipe and sports cat will come eventually. I also removed the rear seats because there's never anyone in them! Need to carpet where the seats were :D
  12. Tyre Size

    Wow. Thanks for all the replies. I want the Kuhmo KU39's and Blackcircles and Camskill dont have them in stock in the 215 40 17 Blackcircles have them in 205 40 17. In fact so do camskill. :) Cheers guys
  13. Tyre Size

    Hi. The recommended tyre size for the Cupra is apparently 215/40 17. I am having a hard time getting hold of the tyres i want in 215/40 17 but can get them in 205/40 17. Will these be ok? Thanks in advance
  14. Arb

    How much are you looking for? Cheers
  15. Height, a comparison.

    Pi Springs 25/30mm drop: 20mm Spacers on the rear, None on the front yet.
  16. Battery Holder Bolt

    Thanks Dean0 For future reference people its an M10 bolt. :)
  17. Spawney's White Cupra

    Lowered 25/30mm on Pi Springs with 20mm Rear Spacers. Need to get some 10/15 mm spacers on front The ride is much better than the standard spring too. Oh and there's a stubby aerial too!
  18. Battery Holder Bolt

    yes mate I'm wanting to remove that threaded bit though. which is secured with a metal plate bolted over the battery with what looks like some form of m type socket :-( I'm removing the spare wheel to make the boot bigger but that plastic threaded bit is in the way!
  19. Battery Holder Bolt

    Hi All, I have had a search but cant seem to find what tool i need to remove the Spare wheel holder that sits over the battery, any ideas what I need? Thanks
  20. Spawney's White Cupra

    Wheel 2 done. will have to do the other 2 next weekend. :)
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