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  1. Looking for a white leon FR front bumper

    Someone hit the front of my car, quite bad damage, and I've had my car for quite a while, I've had to buy a new headlight and now just need to find or fix my front bumper, Has anybody got a spare one for a 2008 model? I would also be willing to swap a brand new 2015 Leon FR White rear...
  2. pictures of your altea

    Hi mate, what size make and model are your alloys, I'd love a pair exactly the same as those, cheers!
  3. In need of a bumper

    My email address is [email protected] If you find out any more information could you let me know, cheers
  4. In need of a bumper

    Hi mate, that would be a massive help! Cheers!
  5. In need of a bumper

    So my car was written of due to another driver :/ It's mainly just a front bumper and headlight, At the moment I have a brand new 2015 leon fr rear bumper with parking sensor holes, I would happily swap for a white leon 2008 front bumper. Cheers guys
  6. Remap for my TDi 170

    If you dont mind travelling the distance, South west in car tech is where i had my 08 pd170 done, its now pushing 221bhp and i dont actually know the torque haha :/ he done it for me for £210 with a rolling road before and after, he custom maps the car so i have a nice perfect curve :)
  7. South Wales Rolling Road Day

    Chris - Seat Leon FR TDi - 221bhp
  8. Drivetrain loss

    So i had my FR TDi remapped to 221bhp, but slipped on the dyno so only showed 204, however what is annoying me the most is the huge drivetrain loss. It shows on my dyno 204bhp but only 130whp! (if i remember) How can i reduce the loss? Flywheel? and does it make a noticeable difference...
  9. Brakes seem rubbish?

    So I have got a 2008 FR 170 TDi. Just been remapped to 220bhp My brakes seem to leave me with no confidence in them at all, it seems as though they are always slipping, and are very very sharp when driving slow, but higher speeds, they feel ****! Any ideas of what I could do? I was...
  10. MPG on remapped TDI only, 200bhp+ cars

    Is that 220bhp with or without DPF delete?
  11. How to get better mpg from 170 FR TDi

    I see most people are disagreeing with what i originally say which is change before 1500rpm, which i agree, the flywheel will probably die, however on a motorway run, at 54 in 6th which is bang on 1500rpm i average 82mpg :) and i live in wales, which if anybody knows its not exactly flat...
  12. How to get better mpg from 170 FR TDi

    So i have been driving around town a lot, and i change at around 1750 - 2000rpm, and ive noticed my horrible fuel consumption of around 32-36mpg around town, also i see other are having terribly bad fuel consumptions, but ive worked out a way to get 40+mpg every time and on the motorway high...
  13. AndrewJB's Mk2 Leon FR 2.0 16V TDI "Der Rote Baron"

    Wow your mpg is amazing! i have the same engine, no remap or any mods that i know, and its getting about 44mpg on motorway at about 70-80 in 6th :( :(
  14. AndrewJB's Mk2 Leon FR 2.0 16V TDI "Der Rote Baron"

    How much did the Remap cost you? Cheers, as id quite like a number of 235bhp haha!
  15. Project retrofit projectors

    Okay, are these for pre facelift?
  16. Leon FR Front and Rear bumper

    Im not too sure guys, as im considering getting the full BTCC Body kit
  17. Project retrofit projectors

    How much are you looking for them
  18. What did you drive before you joined the LEON stable?

    Mk4 Golf TDi 90 Suzuki Swift Sport Saab 9-3 1.9 TiD Vector Sport Corsa B 1.2 Suzuki Swift Sport LPG Converted Current : Leon mk2 pre facelift, FR 2.0 TDi 170PD
  19. SCN Badger 5 UK ROLLING ROAD meet for all ko4 2.0 tfsi's feb 2014********

    If you dont mind me coming, as I have alredy asked, I can come any day just depending on the time, FR 2.0TDi 170
  20. LED Bulb fitting issue?

    so i bought a super bright 12 LED reverse light for my Leon, however as usual, the error light came on and the bulb does not work, i did not buy a canbus bulb, what do i have to do to make it work? Thanks
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