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  1. ajg74

    Will soon be leaving Seat

    Have just today ordered a new Polo GTi+, is a lovely car and plenty of power for me from it's 2.0tsi (200hp), lots of kit it as well. Have really enjoyed owning my Leon, is why I wanted to stay within VAG for my new car. Just got to be patient for the 10 weeks it will take to get here (is a car...
  2. ajg74

    2016 FR. Will it have adaptive cruise?

    Not unless the option was ticked by the first owner when buying it no.
  3. ajg74

    White smoke from exaust

    My Leon 1.8tsi always looks like it has a major vapping habit this time of year, if you aren't loosing coolant I wouldn't worry.
  4. ajg74

    Windscreen Wipers

    Have just changed mine 2 mins ago, these below for about 26 quid on EBay, fit perfectly, the correct size and the rear blade doesn't judder anymore.
  5. ajg74

    1.8tsi fr tech

    I have a 1.8tsi DSG, it replaced a (remapped) Abarth 500, even though my Leon is as fast as it, it never really feels it until I look at the speedo!! It's going to feel slower compared to a Golf GTi PP cos it has about 60 less HP. I also have an i3 which is faster 0-40 than my Leon but a bit...
  6. ajg74

    1.8tsi fr tech

    You get a relatively short lived big shove of power in a diesel compared to a gentler lo get lived one in a turbo petrol, that will make it seem a lot less frantic, plus the 1.8tsi is VERY smooth and pretty quiet as well, it will just be that you're used to how a diesel behaves, the 1.8tsi and...
  7. ajg74

    2018 Leon FR Technology TSI 1.8 DSG Mileage

    I get similar to what has been said above, a little bit less cos I have a heavy right foot and do a lot of town driving.
  8. ajg74

    1.8 TSI 180 vs 2.0 TSI 190 Leon ST

    It's a great car, has a nice balance of performance and economy, is very smooth and thus is pretty deceiving to how fast you are actually going.
  9. ajg74

    1.8 TSI 180 vs 2.0 TSI 190 Leon ST

    I've got a 1.8tsi DSG currently and have asked my dealer to give me a shout when they get a 2.0tsi DSG in, they haven't had one yet. I will give my thoughts on here when I've driven one.
  10. ajg74

    1.8 TSI Chip recomendations

    I personally wouldn't remap a 1.8tsi with a DSG gearbox as the engine pits out the max torque that the DQ200 can handle, the issue is the dry clutches in it.
  11. ajg74

    Got my seat 1.8 dsg today

    Congrats it looks great!! As for turbo lag, I can't say I notice much if any on mine, it could be the DSG box sorting out which gear to select you could be noticing, sometimes it will be in 3rd or 4th when it really should be in 2nd etc and this brief pause before it selects the correct gear...
  12. ajg74

    Strange over heating problem 1.8 tsi

    We had a similar issue on our old DS4 with the 200thp engine, it had to have multiple sensors replaced to fix it (luckily under warranty) I would say this sounds like a dodgy sensor issue, just finding out which one........
  13. ajg74

    Reversing bulb option please.

    I bought the bulb everyone on here recommended on EBay for mine when I got it, also replaced the rear indicator bulbs as well. The reversing bulb worked great for about 3 months and then started flickering when on so I went back to the standard bulb. TBH it was only a bit more helpful when...
  14. ajg74

    Titanium Pack

    It also includes the Tech pack, as in you couldn't order it separately, selecting the Titanium pack also selected Tech pack as well. BTW I have a Titanium pack FR.
  15. ajg74

    How do I tell 150 & 184 TDI’s at a glance?

    Also the 184 has a multi link rear suspension, the 150 has a beam axle on the back.
  16. ajg74

    Anything good for fogged up windows?

    I don't find my Leon has issues with misting up badly ,is better than other cars I've had. 2 things I do in winter though is I close all the air vents which makes more air blow on the windscreen and feet, and when I know it's going to be frosty overnight I put a windscreen cover on the outside...
  17. ajg74

    Cupra detailed.

    That looks awesome! I'm getting my Leon and i3 done on Friday, not to the same level as you have, just a good wash, clay bar, hand polish and re-sealed and the interiors given a good cleaning out They both had a detail like yours in the spring and probably will next spring.
  18. ajg74

    ... in with the new

    That looks awesome in blue, great looking car! I'll be going to a 5dr from an SC when I change mine (FR though not a Cupra, I say now....), was thinking of going for a Golf GTi next but with the changes for MY19 on the Leon, esp the move from the 1.8tsi (which I have now) to the 2.0tsi and the...
  19. ajg74

    Advice on tyres

    I stuck 4 Kumho ecsta hs51's on my old Abarth 500 when it needed tyres but cash was a bit tight due to doing a lot of unexpected work on our house, plus I knew I was getting close to changing car time, was VERY pleasantly surprised by them, especially in the wet!
  20. ajg74

    MY19 & Easy Order to MY19 & Easy Offer

    These changes might convince me to save my cash next year and not jump to a (slightly used) Golf GTi, what with the 2.0tsi and digi dash etc! Quick question Scrogg, does this mean the 2.0tsi will come with the wet clutch 7spd DSG, cos if it does it makes it a no brainer, a quick remap will give...
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