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  1. Want to use a USB VAG-COM cable with Lemmiwinks / Custom-Settings?......

    I'm not sure if this would work with a third party USB cable, mines a genuine one. Hopefully somebody will give it a go and let us know?
  2. Want to use a USB VAG-COM cable with Lemmiwinks / Custom-Settings?......

    Actually, looking at the PID in the drivers which come with the Virtual Com Port drivers from Ross-Tech its already set to FA20 so maybe try using their drivers and follow the setup procedure from the AudiWorld link above. To install the drivers, simply do the following: Extract the zip...
  3. Want to use a USB VAG-COM cable with Lemmiwinks / Custom-Settings?......

    Follow this guide I now now have VAG-COM and Custom-Settings working on the same Com port though I did have to make a few changes to the driver inf files due to having a different PID (mine was FA20). It's all explained around half way down...
  4. G tech meter

    Thats a lot Allen, so an indicated 100 means you're actually doing 90mph? You're still running standard wheels and tyre size's aren't you?
  5. G tech meter

    when driving an indicated 100mph my Road Angel 2 jumps between 97 and 98mph.
  6. G tech meter

    5.65s, I've also recorded very similar times with vagcom. Even using a stopwatch puts it under 6 seconds so its hardly a few seconds out!! 0-100 video will also confirm its not a million miles away
  7. G tech meter I've also had a Race Technology AP22 as mentioned above, this gave extremelly similar readings to the G-Tech meter I had previously. Personally I prefer to use vagcom though.
  8. G tech meter

    I hope the 0-60 is accurate as I recorded 5.65s :)
  9. G tech meter

    After using one I came to the conclusion that it can't. Mine told me I had 127bhp compared to dyno plots never reading below 220bhp.
  10. My car is at JBS for a GT3071R fitting.

    I'd love to see that one though you being an acomplished 1/4 mile racer and having no fear when it comes to launching a car may just have it edging in your favour. Eddy should be running more power so it would depend on how he gets it off the line. What would the weight differences be between...
  11. Tesco 99 ron fuel

    It was dark in colour so hard to see properly through a rear tinted window. Nice cars though quite rare compared to other models.
  12. Tesco 99 ron fuel

    Same here!! It was 95.9p around 3 weeks ago which was a bargain considering you get a voucher when spending £50 or more in store, which we do every Friday. This entitles you to 5p off per litre. Its now 100.9p which ends up back at 95.9p after using the voucher. Actually, I see you have an S3...
  13. Tesco 99 ron fuel

    Atherton, thats where I get mine from.
  14. "ECS HKS BOV Kit" Any expirience?

    So you're saying that an HKS BOV running in recirc mode with an adaptor is a superior valve to Forge's recirc valves? On what basis, internal workings, build quality? I've had both a 007P and now an Eliminator (Forge) and both perform perfectly and are built to an extremelly high standard.
  15. Finishing a smoothed airbox

    Hi there :D
  16. Finishing a smoothed airbox

    I was talking about the box alone, the only difference being the ribs are missing. Yes you have a cold air feed and an aftermarket filter :)
  17. Finishing a smoothed airbox

    The airbox is missing the internal ribs hence not standard anymore.
  18. very quick evo

    Classic quote lol, what happens when it doesnt take it? :wtf:
  19. very quick evo

    Are you using 100bhp jets giving an increase of ~60bhp?
  20. swapping inlet manifold from left to right?

    James from JBS has a Forge twin pass on his Octy with over 400bhp as does EddyH who will also be over 400bhp when mapped. I also have the same IC on my K03s car and its a good piece of kit, works really well.
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