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  1. Leon cupra concerns

    I would say you should be ok then. Plus by parking on the road away from your house will save a fair bit of money on security, as lets face it if you park on a drive even with autowatch ghost, cctv, a house alarm and security doors it won't stop them dragging it onto a low loader. If you do get...
  2. Leon cupra concerns

    I wouldn't say you are overthinking it, it is a risk but there are a few factors you need to think about: Where do you live? Current house security? Do you have a family? If you are happy to park it away from your house then that will negate most of the risk of it being nicked, as they won't...
  3. Leon or Ateca

    If you want a huge boot and want a saloon shape why not get a Skoda Superb 280/272ps? The boot is bigger than an Ateca or a Leon ST in saloon form, but if you need more space the Superb estate is cavernous. Plus the rear seat space is huge so you won't struggle for space when messing around with...
  4. NEW 2019 Curpa 290 ez.. No DSG bangs or pop whatsoever!

    No need. I can tell you categorically that there is no way on earth that turbo is creating 37psi of boost. Most tuners wouldn't go above 30 and even then that is pushing the limits of a stock is38. That will be inclusive of the atmospheric pressure. So your stage 1 revo file is actually closer...
  5. 340mm 09.C306.1X Drilled Brembo Discs

    Ah fair enough, let us know how you get on.
  6. 340mm 09.C306.1X Drilled Brembo Discs

    Like the look of these too. Have you found anywhere that actually stocks them? If they aren't too much of a premium over blank discs they are worth a go.
  7. What driving mode do you use?

    Depends who is in the car and what road i am on, pointless driving in Cupra on the motorway so I will leave it in comfort. Typically if i'm in the car alone it will always be in Cupra though, it sounds better and feels better when driven with purpose.
  8. Cupra been whacked

    I would check your brakes next, make sure the shield isn't contacting the disc too. Have you had the tyre off to make sure there is no bulge from the impact?
  9. Pilot Sport 4s on front only - cupra 290 2019 DSG

    Some Nankangs are far from ditchfinders though, NS-2Rs and AR-1s will provide superior grip to the vast majority of road orientated tyres in the dry.
  10. Pilot Sport 4s on front only - cupra 290 2019 DSG

    You will be fine; a lot of people always bang on about putting the new rubber on the rear, (to reduce potential oversteer) but it's not as if you have Chinese ditchfinding crap on the back so don't worry about it.
  11. Eibach Prolines...

    I will stick with the originals then. Cheers
  12. Eibach Prolines...

    When fitting these to a Cupra hatch did you fit the bumpstops supplied and did they require trimming? There isn't any instructions in the box so i don't know if they are for the front or rear either. I have tried contacting Eibach a couple of times and haven't had a response.

    It's the post and run man. Surprised the mods haven't banned you - as you seem to only use the forum as a platform to spam your youtube channel.
  14. How many miles do you get on a full tank?

    Your car is broken or you must drive everywhere like you are on a trackday. You are averaging at about 14mpg judging by your miles per tank.
  15. Speeding !!!!!!!!

    108mph on your speedo would be closer to 115mph due to calibration. There is no way a cupra will go from 70mph indicated to 115mph in the time it takes to overtake 3 lorries. Maybe he was tanking it on the approach anyway so he is screwed. If he was caught by a mobile camera at the side of the...
  16. Speeding !!!!!!!!

    I would still go to court with a good solicitor, as they would have to submit the video evidence to prove you were doing the claimed speed. They can't claim they clocked u at 108mph and just because you signed it the speed is deemed as fact without footage to back it up.
  17. Speeding !!!!!!!!

    So the police car was part of the convoy you were passing? Did he pull out the second you passed him? Amazed he can judge your speed of 108mph in the time it takes to pass 3 lorries. I thought they had to follow you while speeding for a minimum of a quarter of a mile to prove you were exceeding...
  18. Cupra 280 gearbox faulty message

    I'm amazed a specialist would not know this, as all the ea888 gen3 engines are chain driven. Which specialist are you using?
  19. Cupra 280 gearbox faulty message

    I would get it serviced at a specialist if your main dealer is this incompetent.
  20. New 290 (anyone disappointed)

    The 184 diesel and the Cupra both have 280ft-lbs of torque, so the 184 cant be a lot quicker to overtake with. Axle tramp always gets worse with more power, do you have ps4s tyres or an engine mount insert?
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