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  1. Tam

    Highest mileage leon mk2 and reliability issues?

    Thanks :thumbup: I did try - company car and all so no real issue, it went back at just over 89,000 (2years 11 months) pretty sure DPF and turbo were screwed by then... no idea where it is now, but not listed as insured currently - so may be dead.... :shrug: I went to an Audi A3 after...
  2. Tam

    Does anyone know this cars previous owner-SD59

    Was a member on here
  3. Tam

    xenon problem........ grrrrr

    Full beam on xenon, is just a cover that pops up uncovering more of the bulb, there is no change to the bulb it self. In dipped mode, the xenon bulb is partially covered stopping some of the light, this pops up out the way when you go full beam. (although, there is actually a "normal"...
  4. Tam

    Seat Leon - Very Weird Braking Problem

    100000% ABS. In the dry/Wet if its cutting in then you are breaking like hell for something, keep your foot fully pressed and as you said it'll stop .... however in the snow, at low speed, you'd probably better taking foot off and pressing it slightly more gently, keeping your foot pressed just...
  5. Tam

    Winter tyres

    Well, fortunately I didn't swap back to summers, so went out last night for a try, no real issues, but roads were deserted so nothing to compare it to.. felt a little let down TBH. This morning, the missus went to work at 7:30am, she went of up the hill out of our estate, slipped a bit and off...
  6. Tam


    <tam wonders> If we can negative rep mods ... hrrmmmm </tam wonders> Goes of to find m0rk :D edited to add..... Drat - can only add reps to posters not remove.... Strangely - i can rep myself .... (hay! at least i'll love myself.)
  7. Tam


    OOOhh yes it does ... 6 if under 2 years or 12 points otherwise* = a pushbike ... :) *usually 6/12 points unless you can con the magistrate into not awarding you a pushbike.
  8. Tam

    Winter tyres

    gonna take mine off this weekend.... save em for next year will just put em back on if it looks like snow will arrive in February... no snow forecast for January here :(
  9. Tam

    Winter Tyres

    2 ???? :rofl: You have 4 tyres on your car, you fit 4 winter tyres or you fit none. [:@] The traction difference between winter and summer is massive. you will crash .. very quickly if you have mixed and matched.
  10. Tam

    Winter tyres

    £420 here delivered. You'll need to source stellies and fitting yourself. (although they do sell steel wheels, not sure if they'll have what you need) Local garage fitted my winters to an old set of alloys for £12.50 a...
  11. Tam

    Winter tyres

    what size tyres you after?
  12. Tam

    v-power diesel vs BP ultimate diesel

    Did 80,000 miles on v-power diesel ... the FR loved it.
  13. Tam

    Clouds of white smoke when cold..

    but its a diesel, so could just be cold diesel startup... if it was a petrol, then yes not normal.
  14. Tam

    Finally picked up my new car !?!!!

    But not both at the same time! Where in the uk do you drive in kph? As long as you can change to kph if you go abroad then there is no reason to "have" to display it in the uk. As I said, in the Audi you can just display mph, surprised if in the seats you cannot especially as they are likly...
  15. Tam

    Finally picked up my new car !?!!!

    Really??? Not seen the newer 2010 displays in the Leon, as I've got an Audi now however i can set the units to mph or kph and I'm guessing they are a very similar unit. And as i can set it to mph, would say its not a legal requirement either :)
  16. Tam

    Tyres wearing out fast

    wheel spinning on snow wears them out - fact. Was quite surprised about this - i had brand new (1 week before the snow) and after seriously heavy abuse of them in the snow - they are 3/4 worn :cry: If only i'd known before hand.
  17. Tam

    Mayo under filler cap and coolant looking slightly dirty :( TFSI Sport

    Whats the dip-stick look like? Oil colour wise i mean - is there oil on it or the choc milkshake - that will really prove it one way or another.
  18. Tam

    Brake Wear Sensors

    Had an 07 Leon FR TDI - this had a pad wear sensor on front passenger pad.
  19. Tam

    Brake pad sensors?

    My FR 2007 had a sensor cable on the front left hand side only ... which is fine, except it was the right that kept spinning up thus the TCS braked the right hand wheel more eventually leaving me 0 pad left on the right disk - only found out when it was metal against metal and more than 33% left...
  20. Tam

    is something broken on my fr???

    Car will have "coming home lights". Meaning after a certain delay they will turn off, hence no need for buzzer.
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