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  1. Reg

    Snowfoam or not snowfoam?

    Snowfoam isn't a good cleaning detergent on its own, you need to add something to it do actually do any cleaning - Meg's Gold Class, Hyper Wash, Shampoo Plus, or Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss etc etc. The Snowfoam is a detergent that actually helps the foam action, a proper shampoo will help...
  2. Reg

    Question about Plastic LCR wings

    They have never fitted plastic wings to a Leon. At least if the dents are limited to the wing, worst case senario is a new panel that is easily replaced. Get dents in the rear quarter or something, and thats a real drama.
  3. Reg

    more help again...

    The only thing wrong with RainX is the total lash some people manage to make of applying it. Follow the instructions to the letter and you get a crystal clear smear free finish that repels water like mad - how can that be rubbish? Don't follow the instructions though and you'll end up with a...
  4. Reg

    tyre dressing

    For sure, I still don't find that Endurance stays on the tyre being wiped down!
  5. Reg

    tyre dressing

    As Sisson says. I tried Endurance once and found it just doesn't set or absorb, so it flings as you say. CG New Look Trim Gel is the nuts, without a doubt.
  6. Reg

    Wiring Amps.

    If you can't do it, then yes, get it done by a pro!
  7. Reg

    a little help needed

    You can use the clay again, no need to bin it if its not been used on a heavily contaminated car. Rule of thumb, keep folding the clay inwards, so revealing a clean face to put on the panel. When you can't do this anymore, then its time to chuck it.
  8. Reg


    Car will be need to be dry. You'd have been better off saving your money and just polishing by hand - use Autoglym Super Resin Polish - the machine won't have any guts to break down a proper polish.
  9. Reg


    As a brief summary, a PC is a dual action random orbit machine. The head oscillates in a random orbit, and the spinning motion is as a result of this - i.e. the head does not spin as a direct result of being driven around. This means that it spreads it 'energy', making it safer for inexperienced...
  10. Reg

    solid v liquid wax

    Lard - you put it on too thick, simple as that. Put the applicator in the tin, give it a twist with light pressure, then work that into the panel. As a guide, that amount of wax should do nearly whole door, or a 1/3 of a bonnet and you'll only just about be able to see where you've been. If yo...
  11. Reg

    solid v liquid wax

    A hard wax shouldn't be any more difficult to apply - in fact I'd say its easier because using a foam applicator (like the round yellow Megs ones), you get a really thin even layer of product on the car which will cure and be easy to buff off - exactly what you want because any more will be a...
  12. Reg

    Meguiars 3 Stage Cleaning/Polish & Wax

    Glad you are pleased with all your hard work, that colour is stunning. Just one thing though, the main reason it looks so deep is because of the Stage 2. Its not actually a polish at all, it contains no abrasives. What it is however, is a very heavy oily glaze which helps to cover the marks...
  13. Reg

    Wax Wizard

    SSR3 is considerably harsher than G3 mate.
  14. Reg

    Crazy carwash with loads of steps

    It has been posted...once or twice ;). Yes its a sponge, but a natural sea sponge, not the old shite you get in the pound shop. And the Royale wax is £7118 a 44oz pot.........
  15. Reg

    Zymol Cleaner Wax - 3 Weeks On

    Thats not quite true Tim, I've been using Jetseal since April. Besides, there was a time when Klasse was new too.
  16. Reg

    STRUTBRACER.CO.UK Warning...

    No, I appreciate that, but to start throwing things like that in the air is out of order. Its one thing to say qite fairly that based on experience they are a bunch of monkies when it comes to service/quality, its quite another to start saying they are trading illegally.
  17. Reg

    Puncture - Non Repairable???

    A mate of mine owns a tyre place. Trouble is, most of the repairs would be fine right up to the edge (not through the sidewall though), but if i did fail, which is no more likely than a repair in the middle, and they had the finger pointed at them their public liability insurance would walk...
  18. Reg

    STRUTBRACER.CO.UK Warning...

    Can I just say, while I appreciate the jist if this thread is that the company offers rubbish service, making statements like this are just inflammatory do not help anyone. My company is not VAT registered, therefore I do not have a VAT registration number. However, it does not mean that I...
  19. Reg

    Zymol Cleaner Wax - 3 Weeks On

    Jetseal can be used anywhere mate, stick it on a baking hot panel in the sun for half an hour and it still wipes off soooooo easily. Products like that are a god send for us pro's when your location might not always be ideal!
  20. Reg

    In need of a decent wax

    For the money, I'd try two products. Once polished, use Chemical Guys Blitz sealant first, then top it off with CG 50/50 paste wax, or CG Pete's 53. The beauty of Blitz is that unlike other sealants, it contains carnuba so will bond on top of a wax, meaning you can top it up regularly to...
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