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  1. help with ibiza abf engine

    Check the coil
  2. And who says you can't get good mpg in a mk2 what do you get

    Worst 18mpg on an event and 32-33ish going home like a granny. Never ever got above 35.4. My old Cordoba SX 16v would never go above 38 and usually ran around 32 with or without aircon on.
  3. What's the normal oil temp for a 16v gti ?

    88 to 98. 94 is nothing to worry about. 88 when up to temp with light load on engine 98 to 102 when on short blasts without much airflow
  4. Handbrake/Brake fluid Warning Light

    Any joy Dave?
  5. Handbrake/Brake fluid Warning Light

    Had this with mine even when I'd ripped the last traces of the ABS system from the car including loom sensors and any evidence that it existed. Never managed to fix it and in the end pulled the bulb out. Looking at the VAG com I think it could be the relay or fuse related as 30 is the main...
  6. Gearbox code

  7. ABS wiring faults

    Just a tip - make sure you keep some sort of shielding to avoid RF noise when replacing the ABF wires. You'll notice the circuit is in a 8mm thick PVC jacket - this has a small screen in it to kill off any RF which causes nightmares for low current systems. When I stripped the ABS out of my...
  8. has anyone tried...

    If 16v ABF then - Power steering rack fouls it + sit's about 2inches to far to the O/S - MK2 Golf sits high and about 2inches the other way(struggling to remember as looking from underneath from either front/back). You can make these fit with some ingenuity. If 8v AGG then no idea!
  9. weigh your car

    Popped mine up too if you're interested.
  10. Few helpful sizes/measurements etc

    MY Ibiza GpA ish Rally car - 1999 2.0 16v ABF + 10mm Dural Sump guard and 6mm Dural Tank Guard 6x Old style Compomotive MO 15x7 Alloys and 185/60x15 Yoko A035 Gravel Tyres Neuspeed ARB's as above Custom Cages CDS Multipoint weld in cage, weld in seat bars, seam welded shell Carrying rear...
  11. Handling ?????

    Looked at the lower braces as this is really more important than the strut tops - I'm worried about clearance as I've seen a 1.8T with a Forge one on and it caught on every lump and bump which is bad. So - I've not touched the negative on the front but dialed a touch more toe in so it is just...
  12. Bigging up the MK2

    Sorry to not bother reading the next 2 pages - I guess I'm a touch older than most MK2 owners, Had one since 97 when I got my first brand spanking new 8v cupra. Had a 16v cordie and now rally a 16v Ibiza. No major faults just minor annoyances. However, I still have my first Mini and a...
  13. mk3 cupra R 23mm fron ARB

    Ran a Neuspeed rear ARB on my MK2 rally car for the last 3 seasons on the middle setting. On tarmac made the world of difference, removed it when I killed the beam and never bothered re-fitting. The only difference I can tell now is that I get loads more wheel spin out of corners and the power...
  14. Handling ?????

    Ok, So the tyres are currently Michelin Pilot Exalto's which are so so. Had Goodyear GSD3's on it but I think the Ibiza's are too light for them as they gave no where near the same grip as when i had them on my Leon Cupra TDi. Had Bridgestone Potenza somethings and were so so. Toyo's were...
  15. Handling ?????

    My girlfriend drives our MK4 FR TDi and its an ok car, it just doesn't handle as well as my old MK2. In fact it's the worst handing SEAT I've driven, it does not inspire confidence although quick enough. I really hate it every time I get in for drive anywhere. So in an effort to get it to be...
  16. ibiza steering rack

    Very very tight though! Go carefully!
  17. Hydraulic Lifters

    try, - you'll need to register but it has all the part diagrams and numbers or VW Golf MK3 2.0 16v shares the same engine. or Schriek make the best aftermarket cams, lifters and followers, link below
  18. sell it or trackday prepare it?

    Custom Cages T45 weld in is a pretty good fit. You'll still need to mess around loads though! Get rid of anything that the car doesn't need and take the weight out of it - most of what you save will be replaced with the cage. Sound deadening, excess metal work, window mechanism's, central...
  19. Oem Head Unit/Multi Changer?

    I've tried to PM you but I don't believe you have enabled it. Obviously can't post stuff that would be classed as advertising.
  20. Is my old coroba still alive?

    Your right - altered it to S745*** - needed to find a pic on my PC. This car was sooo quick, I loved it.
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