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  1. nightflight

    Servicing Filter Replacement Part Numbers

    nightflight: 1.6tdi Pollen Filter : 6Q0 820 367 B Oil Filter : 03L 115 562 Fuel Filter : 6Q0 127 401 F Air Filter : 6R0 129 620 A scooter188: 2.0 tdi filters N90813202 Sump plug 03L115562 Oil filter 6R0127400C Fuel filter 6R0129620A Air filter 6Q0820367B Pollen filter Burriccheddu: Seat Ibiza...
  2. nightflight

    General maintenance DPF Info - In-depth information about DPF maintenance

    VAG DISESEL PARTICULATE FILTERS Courtesy of David Bodily Volkswagen Technical Support Specialist Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Detailed below is important information outlining the function and features of the Diesel Particulate filter which all members of your team need to be aware of...
  3. nightflight

    Buyer's guide Seat Ibiza Colour Range

    There's numerous threads of people asking for pictures of the various colours the new ibiza's available in so it made sense to create a single post with them all in. If you need a touch up paint for any of these colours, or just want the code, then Click Here (takes you to the Seat Accessories...
  4. nightflight

    Lighting Mk5 Ibiza Bulb List

    Information originally compiled by ibizasc-chris (my notes in red) (Alt. bulb code in blue) extract from the manual. Double Headlamps: Bocanegra / Cupra / FR / Sport / SE / Ecomotive Dipped beam - H7 Long Life How To: Guide Main Beam - H7 Sidelights - 2x W5W Long Life 501 How To: Guide...
  5. nightflight

    Bumpers Guide - Removing Rear Bumper

    This isn't that difficult, time consuming, took me maybe 3 hours to remove and replace as an amateur (tbh, took slightly longer but that's because I had extra time figuring it out) This is on a 5dr but I don't see the being much/any difference between the versions, perhaps the 3dr might have 1...
  6. nightflight

    Lighting 2012 Facelift Rear Lights

    SC part numbers: 6J3 945 095 M 6J3 945 096 M 6J3 945 095 L 6J3 945 096 L 6J3 945 095 K 6J3 945 096 K (Difference between K and L versions: one has the foglight on the left, one has the fog light on the right, although seems to be that only the M is now available, Will look into this and...
  7. nightflight

    DPF Info - All CR-TDI Owners Should Read This

    There's an app on the playstore which lets you keep an eye on your DPF via an OBD2 reader VAG DPF Free or a paid version (£3.30) which gives you more info VAG DPF
  8. nightflight

    Coolant questions

    Odd. My coolant level is always lower when the engine is running and increases when the engine is left off for a bit. It also has a slow coolant leak from the radiator. Are the two connected?
  9. nightflight

    59 reg Ibiza sport 1.6 TDI - my new car poor mpg

    Doesn't seem too far off mine tbh. 70mph on the motorway will see 45-48 usually, condition dependant. Slow down a bit, 65mph doesn't take noticeably longer but returns 50-55 and a leisurely 60mph down the m1 (with intermittant 55's) will get me upto 60mpg for the sake of 15-20 minutes... works...
  10. nightflight

    Steam coming from under the bonnet!

    I had a similar experience a month or two back. A thorough investigation (well, a mini maglight and several pairs of eyes at the side of donny racecourse) couldn't find anything and we put it down to water getting up into the engine bay. I've had no issues or recurrences since.
  11. nightflight

    Adding iPod/USB and Bluetooth to Ibiza Headunit

    If you've only got the box, you'll need a seperate harness to wire it in
  12. nightflight

    Violent Judder Issue

    Sounds like tramping to me.
  13. nightflight

    Adding iPod/USB and Bluetooth to Ibiza Headunit

    Yep, plug it in, needs enabling with VagCom (something I've still(!) not got around to doing (can't justify the dealership wanting £80 for it) but even without, the 3.5mm aux and usb power still work so I can charge my phone and listen to it at the moment!
  14. nightflight

    DPF Removal 1.6CR TDi

    Isn't DPF removal an MOT fail? Unless you've had it removed, the insides gutted, and the shell put back in so it looks like the DPF is still there?
  15. nightflight

    2000 Ibiza 6J DFP problem - white smoke on regeneration

    Sounds like you'd benefit from reading this thread In short, forget about gears and think about revs/engine temp when regening... tl:dr you need to keep your revs between 2000-2500 whilst the dpf light is on, preferably on cruise control, but...
  16. nightflight

    Coolant leak water pump

    From what I recall, the warning light light only comes on when the engine is too hot, almost game over too hot (?) Those prices seem a bit steep for a cambelt & pump change... Mine was only £300 for the lot, ~450€ Most of the cost in changing the waterpump (+/- cambelt) is the labour...
  17. nightflight

    sill protectors 5dr 2013

    Lockwood do a nice front only set for the 5door Pictures here
  18. nightflight

    Annoying Sqeaking noise. HELP!

    I had a weird one back when I first bought it (from new) turned out to be a slight mis-alignment of the mounting point for the big metal bar that the dashboard attaches too.
  19. nightflight

    205/45/17 instead of 215/40/17 on FR?

    I'd advise against it on one key reason. The 205s wont protect your alloys from kerbing, whereas the 215s will. Learnt this lesson the hard way when I thought it'd be a handy cost saving by getting the 205s
  20. nightflight

    Very poor MPG

    Ah, stop ya worrying about less fuel economy and just enjoy the performance boost that the cold dense air gives :P
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