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  1. 2012 Leon facelift tick style rear lights

    Hi Old thread but if anyone intends to fit these and needs a garage up north to code them (facelift models), Gary at IMG Seat in Warrington now knows the script and can sort it. Half hour labour charge and it's done. I used this useful thread and a couple of others dotted around to guide him...
  2. MAF Airflow logging

    Hi, Got a new toy to play with. Am I right in saying you can log maf airflow to see how it compares to documented factory figures (well, figures using the 0.8 division formula)? The new toy is OBDEleven that offers the monitoring of the airflow, but I'm not sure the correct procedure to perform...
  3. VCDS Control modules

    I've been frustratingly searching for the actuator control on my cupra r too with OBD Eleven, can't find it for love nor money! How to know which platform I have (other than the obvious that's it the one above that doesn't allow the actuator control)? Speedfreak, I got the OBDEleven based on...
  4. OBDEleven - actuator and throttle body reset

    Hi Could swear I saw easy option to adjust actuator level and reset throttle body on my OBD Eleven before I plugged it into car. Cant find how to do it anywhere now. I'm sure it read 'airborne actuator' or something of the sort. Anybody assist? I have 2011 Cupra R, and this was the first...
  5. MTC tfsi induction kits.. ITG copy or rubbish???

    Reviving an old thread, but can't locate an MTC induction kit on the net, is it safe to say these are no more. Looking for options and this seemed to have a decent feedback, price n all.
  6. VCDS Lite and 3rd party OBD for CAN Bus

    Read a few more threads on this OBD eleven over the wknd, and its convinced me to get it, so will put the Pro on order. Thanks for the heads up, appreciated.
  7. VCDS Lite and 3rd party OBD for CAN Bus

    I could stretch to the 50 squid mark. Would u say it's worth it, i.e. Gives a lot of info or extra features to a basic reader. Is that available via UK distributor too?
  8. VCDS Lite and 3rd party OBD for CAN Bus

    Thanks for the confirmation, save me wasting time and money on that one then. Thought there might have been some advances on that combination since 2013. I'll price up that combo you suggested. If anybody out there has an alternative successful combo connector and software for late mk2's...
  9. VCDS Lite and 3rd party OBD for CAN Bus

    Hi Are any Late Mk2 owner successfully using VCDS lite and a 3rd party CAN compatible OBD connector? I've got a 2011 cupra R and just deciding best route to a good code reader/eraser. Put this question in diagnostics section but not much activity there at mo. Problem I have read is CAN...
  10. VCDS Lite and CAN BUS

    Price of a basic code reader really, which is about £30 tops
  11. VCDS Lite and CAN BUS

    Hi Seen plenty of threads saying VCDS Lite won't work with CAN-BUS connection, but they are all relatively old threads, latest one Ive managed to come across being 2013 with a 'No No' response. Is this still the case? I'm sure I read that it was compatible on the Rosstech site but not...
  12. Cupra R Dv location

    Ta. I swapped it this afternoon and fingers crossed all good.
  13. Cupra R Dv location

    Hi all, new to the mk2 cupra, and R for that matter, having had a mk1 for the last 7 or so years, so just about to put a rev G diverter valve on and read so much on Dv's being at the back of bay, and access from below - read one thread suggesting there are 2 Dv's. So on half decent...
  14. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    Going to miss the mk1 though. Those lads just got back to Wolverhampton - lad who bought it said he was made up with it - pulls all the way through rev range. It should last him a good long time.
  15. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    I'm off to the other side.... But not that far away. Mk2 Leon Cupra R.
  16. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    Feel better that gone to somebody who knows what they're buying. This would have had 95 unleaded put in from the off I bet, which would have been a shame and not a great start
  17. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    SOLD 1800. So my 'best offer' was set at that. I was just gearing up to strip down this aft, but a couple have come up from Wolverhampton and took away. Emotional day
  18. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    That link above was a load of crap sorry. I'v e had a right ball with Ebay last night as my listing couldn't be found where it should be. Anyhow had to change to a classified ad but time is of the essence so final shout on here as below (hope this link below works)...
  19. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    No takers on that auction. I've re listed for 24hr, this time with full spec. After that it's to the dealers it goes (sunday). http://m.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=Leon+cupra+20vt&isNewKw=1&isRefine=true&mfs=GOCLK&acimp=0&sqp=leon+cupra+20vt&_sop=10
  20. My Cupra's going after 7 years

    PS Garage is fine if I sell prior, just take the cash with me, hence putting it out there for a quickie.
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