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  1. My 08 Candy White Cupra

    Should not have read this thread, looking at exhausts now.... After seeing the dodgy welding on mine from previous owner i think a new shiny one is a good idea. Nice map mate, good figures. need to get mine on a RR to see what shes pulling now.
  2. Cat and fiddle meet 12th April 2015

    I will come along to this for sure, if I'm off. Annoyingly i can only request duty from the 13th april onwards! If I get put to work i will ask nicely to swap shifts to make it. Be good to meet some of you guys, plus i will bring the camera along.
  3. Bi-xenon bulb question.

    Exactly the same problem here, which is what brought me to this thread. 07 plate leon cupra. If i find anything out i will let you know, or if anyone else can help would be appreciated. Need to get mine on VCDS to see the code.
  4. Lowering novice

    Just had H&R 35mm lowering springs on my PD100. Like WHOZBOSS the back of mine is alot higher than the front (3 finger gap at back compared to a tight 2 on front), the front is sat nice for me. Not the best pic but here you go: . Thats on 16" wheels.
  5. eBay bargin!

    bought this and genuine product! thanks alot for sharing, i just hope my sub doesnt make it rattle too much
  6. New car with problems already..

    common at this time of year, due to the weather the battery is low on power, every light thats shown up is affected by this lack of power. give the battery a good charge and it should be good again. does the battery light show when you turn the igntion? if not then look at this...
  7. What droplinks?

    I dont have personal experience with this so cant help with which one to get but i know people have needed uprated ARB's and/or chassis notching to get the lows they want.
  8. What droplinks?

    My mate used these with JOM coilovers about a 70mm drop http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-COURIER-ESCORT-FIESTA-KA-PUMA-FRONT-DROP-LINK-RODS-/290384325222?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item439c412a66#ht_1274wt_907
  9. Anyone in Norfolk area help with sub/head unit install

    wherever you earth, make sure it is a good metal to metal connection with the paintwork stripped right back bare. I used the center seatbelt bolt, which i know is not advised but my car passed MOT with it like that, its a massive bolt that isnt going to come loose that goes directly into the...
  10. Anyone in Norfolk area help with sub/head unit install

    Memory not being stored, switch over the red and yellow wires in the back of the headunit (live and switched live) very common problem.
  11. Starting problem

    Hi Pj, i had a similar problem with mine cutting out, loosing power steering etc, i ended up getting a new battery as well. Never had the stalling issue though. When you start your car, does the battery light show on the dashboard? If not, it could be a broken alternator signal load cable. (see...
  12. Attention People

    Get the PD100 (1.9tdi), surprisingly nippy, especially with a remap.
  13. Anyone in Norfolk area help with sub/head unit install

    I ran my cables the same through the car, however i ran the RCA cables down the drivers side and power cables down the passenger side to stop the whining caused by interference from the power cable.
  14. Anyone in Norfolk area help with sub/head unit install

    Make sure the wires arent getting trapped behind the head unit, i moved my HU to the lower spot and it required a bit of modification of the plastic at the back to allow the wires to fit in right.
  15. Changing rear brake pads guide

    Thanks for the great guide, did new disks and pads all around today and this guide was useful. Only had a problem with the fronts trying to find a 7mm allen key, none of my kits had one! Cheers
  16. Anyone in Norfolk area help with sub/head unit install

    Ive heard of a few people poking the power cable through a grommet in the firewall into the passengers footwell, then under the carpet / door trim to the boot, however i couldn't find this grommet so i took it behind the passengers wing, down the side of the door and in through the sheathing...
  17. How to: Fix broken Load Signal cable from Alternator

    Great guide thank, fixed this problem on my tdi today. i do not have tc so this light did not come on but i did notice that there was no battery light on ignition and my alternator wasn't kicking in until 2000 rpm, which actually caused my car battery to go flat while defrosting my car. Thanks guys
  18. Warning lights on dash flashing m4

    Im no mechanic, but i had the abs, power steering and the handbrake lights flashing at me the other day, got the volt meter out to find my battery was on its way out with this cold weather, new battery and no problems.
  19. NW Rolling Road Day

    i would be up for this is they dont mind a bit of smoke :P
  20. GUIDE - Removing Front Inner and Outer Door Card

    Great write up, helped alot thankyou!!
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