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  1. Brake system Seat Sport Cupra brake caliper info

    I've gathered quite a bit of info on the Seat Sport calipers so thought I'd put it all in one place in case it helps others. Maybe someone can make this a Sticky? The calipers are 4 pot fixed calipers made by AP Racing and supplied direct to Seat Production. OEM replacement pads are around £100...
  2. fabia rear wiper

    Anyone know how much the cover (6Y6955435) on its own costs? Mine has done a runner.
  3. Brake caliper paint??

    Do you just paint the Hammerite on or sandpaper them down etc. first?
  4. Waste Gate Chatter I Think

    Mine has always done that. I was told it's normal :shrug:
  5. Low engine temp - Cold weather or bad thermostat

    Mine has started dropping to 75c on the dual carriageway so I suspect it's the same thing. Do you have to remove the dipstick or can you get to it with a socket and a universal joint?
  6. 1.8T Mk1 Cotton Green filter??

    Should fit all the 1.8L petrols and 1.9L diesels.
  7. Leon cupra r rear tyres

    Are you still having this problem? My right rear seemed to go down from 33 to 12 PSI in about a week :\
  8. Hid's

    If the adjuster doesn't seem to be working, check it hasn't popped off the headlight. This happened to one of mine and took me 5 seconds to fix. I got an advisory last year saying it would fail this year because of aftermarket HIDs. So put some standard Osram bulbs back in and it passed...
  9. Anyone with interference since fitting HIDS?

    This loom has an earth on both sides annoyingly so I guess I can add a wire to run it back to the passenger side one which goes to the battery.
  10. Anyone with interference since fitting HIDS? 'passenger side' I meant 'driver side' :)
  11. Anyone with interference since fitting HIDS?

    I ordered these ones but I can't find anywhere to connect the passenger side earth to. Is there a bolt somewhere around the washer bottle I can use?
  12. Query about HIDs fitted to my LCR

    I need to get my MOT shortly and I need to replace my HIDs with standard bulbs so it doesn't fail. Last year I had an advisory of 'After market HID kit fitted, at this time Will fail next MOT' :( My HIDs were fitted by the previous owner but they seem to have these umbrella things on and it...
  13. LCR front tyres

    Been running Parada Spec 2s for over a year and they are very grippy as long as it's not too wet. Wouldn't want to track day them but they are fine on UK roads with our usual weather.
  14. Cupra Front brake pads DIY

    They keep the calipers ridgid, they aren't pointless!
  15. CupraStoo's Mk4 Beefa Cupra 20vT *ITS GONE!!*

    That's how much they were 4 years ago [B)] I paid £18.
  16. Is this the end of my much loved lcr?

    They can fix alot using a jig, b post no problem. Can you see that the floor is actually creased?
  17. Is this the end of my much loved lcr?

    Similar to what happened to mine and they fixed it up as new. Mine was nearly written off as it was about £6k of damage (including labour) and 2 attempts to fix it. But it's perfect now, you wouldn't know so it might not be the end for you!
  18. MOT Fail - What a joke!

    But if you have removed the headlights the car was made with, it can fail because of that ;)
  19. yellow or green spring 007

    How do you know if you need a yellow spring instead of a green one? I have a stage 1 P-Torque map and it's running fine and boosting to 21 PSI on a green one.
  20. Maf Values

    I just tested mine again and got max of 199 g/s at 5960 RPM which is about right for stage 1 I think.
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