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  1. Where do you put your mobile?

    I got something similar to this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HVVTLCV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ayLHCb7MFSZNP. Amazon don't seem to sell the exact one I purchased so can't vouch for the quality of the linked one.
  2. Where do you put your mobile?

    I use a very short usb-c cable with 90 degree connectors. This allows my OnePlus 3 to sit flat in the front tray. It's a snug fit so wouldn't work as well with a bigger phone.
  3. MK6 Seatbelt safety issue

    Speak of the devil... Just received a letter from SEAT UK today. It advises that the current solution (I assume the cable tie fix mentioned in the Arona forum) is only an interim solution until a permanent solution is put in place.
  4. MK6 Seatbelt safety issue

    I haven't had a recall letter yet either despite my car having an active recall listed here: https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk. Will follow up with my dealer this week.
  5. CD Player Ibiza FR

    Yes, it's in the glovebox.
  6. Software/Firmware

    Updated maps to version 1030 this morning with no issues.
  7. Software/Firmware

    Thanks Alan, will have a go at updating the maps later.
  8. Notchy 1st gear

    Same with my FR 115. I was a bit disappointed after reading lots of reviews which made a point of stating how slick and smooth the gearbox is.
  9. Why no option for a LED upgrade

    Interesting. Is it going to be like the Aroma with set builds and very limited options?
  10. Why no option for a LED upgrade

    Has the UK Ibiza spec changed? I thought LED headlights were optional on all trim levels. Isn't that the Arona you're describing?
  11. Why no option for a LED upgrade

    If you hate the standard lights so much why did you buy a car fitted with them? Don't see how this is SEATs fault...
  12. Blank Infotainment Screen

    My infotainment screen stopped working on the drive home from the dealership after picking the car up. Initially the screen froze and then after I reset it by holding down the Power Button it wouldn't boot past the SEAT logo. It was fixed by the dealership under warranty. The screen itself...
  13. Blower Issue

    Thanks for the update. Noticed this for the first time recently as the weather's been warmer and I've had the blower turned beyond 1. It is quite annoying but I guess there's not much we can do.
  14. Ibiza storage pack-drawers or no drawers ?

    I ordered the storage pack. What you describe is what I got. A small storage drawer under the driver's seat and a tray that perfectly fits the manual under the passenger seat along with the adjustable boot floor and a cargo net. Was a bit disappointed with the under seat storage drawer and tray...
  15. New Ibiza owners: Did you have any issues with the car so far?

    Significant or Major issue which is now fully resolved as part of the warranty: Complete failure of media / nav system control unit. Happened on way home from dealership after picking car up. Fully resolved under warranty. The control unit was replaced and I've had no issues since.
  16. Tyres

    Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2 on mine. Liking them so far.
  17. couple of weird things

    This confused me initially as well. You do need to set the wipers to intermittent.
  18. couple of weird things

    That was me. Although in my case the unit had deteriorated to the point where it wouldn't even turn on. Dealership had to replace the control unit found in the glovebox.
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