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  1. Roadside assistance

    Booked our Ateca in for service online in May with Bristol Street Motors. When I collected the car, I specifically asked them to confirm that I would get an additional year's breakdown assistance. They assured me this was the case. In June did a road trip to the South of Italy and back...
  2. My Cordoba Coupe Trackday Car Project

    A sad goodbye to a great car. :wave:
  3. Making an Index of Mk1 Leon Readers Ride Threads.

    All done to here :)
  4. Making an Index of Mk3 Ibiza Readers Ride Threads

    All done to here :)
  5. Making an Index of Mk4 Ibiza Readers Ride Threads

    All done to here :)
  6. Making an Index of Mk5 Ibiza Readers Ride Threads

    Sorry, Readers Rides threads only. All done to here. :)
  7. How do I post in the sale section?

    You have to wait for the database to update - after you've been a member for more than 15 days and had 15 registered posts. It could take 24 hours.
  8. Alhambra oil pump failures: FACT OR FICTION

    I didn't come up with any evidence to suggest it was an issue when I bought mine a year ago. :shrug:
  9. No MAF readings....something strange

    As said, no maf reading = dead maf, Chris. I've had a few like that. :whistle:
  10. DPJ's Silver Leon Cupra GT - no more.

    What's this 'also' business? :D
  11. Quick Climate Control Question

    You could try dropping the baud rate right down to try and read that module.
  12. DPJ's Silver Leon Cupra GT - no more.

    Sort of. We can't go permanently for around 4 years due to commitments here. Our project in the olive groves is going to consume a lot of money.
  13. DPJ's Silver Leon Cupra GT - no more.

    The bonnet had a ding near the front, Maz. Yes, I got more than I would have selling it as a runner - and I've a few goodies still to move. :)
  14. DPJ's Silver Leon Cupra GT - no more.

    :D None of the End of Life dismantlers would collect, but someone gave me this guy's number - so it worked out well in the end. Scrap, Willie.
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