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  1. Fl@pper

    Remote central locking not working on the key

    The remote part pulls away from the blade so easy replaced . Just don't lose the immob chip inside. I'd you only got one key I'd suggest looking at getting a spare even if it's a cheap cloned solid key always safer to have a back up . The battery codes denote the size 20mm round 3.2mm thick...
  2. Fl@pper

    Remote central locking not working on the key

    Always changed mine from a single cr2032 to double cr2016. Don't ask me why but always found more reliable
  3. Fl@pper

    Light steering

    Dig up and old thread .as I can never find it . Mine is 55 plate pre facelift . Originally 00121 Changed to 00151 (still too skitty for me) Managed to code 00181 - now perfect. (for me anyway) But then I was bought up with manual steering RWD cars with no gizmos so used to a bit of weight
  4. Fl@pper

    Slipped on a roundabout and done some damage

    Temp sensor clips in back of the grill. But im sure that's left side .probably doesn't help much
  5. Fl@pper

    Remote wire from factory stereo unit, help!

    As fozzybear said connect up the supply properly and better still from the battery with a decent guage wire Start dropping the bass and you'll be wondering why your amp / stereos is cutting out or worse still your dash and Speedo start melting Ooh And a fuse It will not only be safer but...
  6. Fl@pper

    Vaping. Any tech guys out there

    Sounds daft but want to get the low down on vapers the technical side really Just toying an idea to see if could setup/make a remote one in some way. Just think long lasting times and on demand air freshener lol
  7. Fl@pper

    Please help! Wiper Linkage replacement

    Owcha Spindles snapped off ye ? Tried a breakers at all ? Maybe able to strip just that bit out from a donor
  8. Fl@pper

    Reflective Blue 'Tron' lines

    Like the idea. Would have gone for thinner lines myself though
  9. Fl@pper

    Please help! Wiper Linkage replacement

    Could be subtle difference between the two such as the angle of the spindles casting to compensate for the screen rake. Or the length of the rods I can see why your asking. Sadly not had both side by side to compare
  10. Fl@pper

    Please help! Wiper Linkage replacement

    The part number difference would suggest not The first 3 digits are for the specific model or engine etc Next 6 are group and sub group .as in body / wiper linkage Then letters for specifics as in base or gti etc. Can be doubled up if modified or upgraded and even X for exchange items etc...
  11. Fl@pper

    Seat Ibiza mk3 oil from turbo

    Needs a physical check then to be honest . Just replaced turbo on same car .previous owner had attempted just the same as you described .resulted in his turbo breaking off the inlet and munching up the turbines . Fingers crossed.
  12. Fl@pper

    Seat Ibiza mk3 oil from turbo

    Maybe you did get too high a boost until it blew the seals through No limp mode as the sensor never got the chance to read the pressure ??
  13. Fl@pper

    Pd130 FR TDI. Turbo terminal

    Ripped door apart to replace the lock mech anyway and found the regulator was missing .ALL OF IT lol Glass took 2 hours to get down as they decided to cut out the mech and silicone the glass in place OWCH Found a mech at scrappers and swapped motors etc over
  14. Fl@pper

    prosport boost gauge Might help shed some light in the darkness . If you can post that pic might get the model sorted and barrow down the Instructions
  15. Fl@pper

    Man towing caravan on 40 mile police chase.

    L200 diesel pickup AND a caravan ? It took cops 40 miles to catch him in God knows what flash BMW/range rover etc What the hell , lmao :roflmao::roflmao:
  16. Fl@pper

    Door unlocking issues - NOT the module! Version2

    Don't ask me where exactly sadly but I seem to remember there was a way in vagcom to read the lock switch status 1 n 0 to diagnose door lock operation I'll dig about as I've written it down somewhere Time being check inside the rubber tunnel between the door and the car. Might just be a broken...
  17. Fl@pper

    Gas bonnet strut kit for MK2's

    Likewise hence the suggestion mind you £40 odd ain't too bad ill get some pics and whip one off measure up etc May not work out but least it's info for other cars
  18. Fl@pper

    Gas bonnet strut kit for MK2's

    Got a beetle here if anyone wants dimensions off the ones used in that ?
  19. Fl@pper

    Seat leon gearbox drain plug head rounded. If you know the car details / trans code etc can look up original number and search that way .
  20. Fl@pper

    Missfiring Seat Ibiza 1.2

    Have the fault codes returned ? Have you tried a decent higher octane fuel in it for a couple tanks ?
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