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  1. How To: Toledo NH mk4 dial staging(sweep) and lattice vcds

    Hey guys, tried to follow those instructions, but not got the same options on my vagcom 17.1, Staging seems to be unavailable for me. :(
  2. Replacement Air Filter Unit

    yes definetly a cone filter is the way forward
  3. MeisterR Zeta coilovers

    Could always return them and get mine... :p
  4. 4 tyres and fitting for £100 is that a bargain or what ?

    Toyo T1R bought via blackcircles, dropped the car to the local fitters, job done!
  5. 4 tyres and fitting for £100 is that a bargain or what ?

    check tracking mate, also see if the bushes are worn and have sagged the wheels a bit which can wear the inside more
  6. Are the headlights reflector or projector? (for new HIDs)

    one of my bulbs is now gone after 1 and half year of use. Wrote to HID4u, prompt response and i've sent back the faulty bulb after a few tests. waiting for them to provide a replacement now. i'd recommend getting the H7R if you're switching the bulbs too
  7. Air Vent Surround

    they should snap back on with some force once you've lined them up, i know it takes ages as i removed mine to paint them silver. try the side vents first to work out how they hold together as they seem remove and snap back on easier, was for me anyway. Good luck
  8. MeisterR Zeta coilovers

    sorry for the silence guys. I got the coilies and i say they are real fab! Top quality stuff these are. However, my car's had it and i had to sell it off! I've got Kia Rio diesel now which means i'm left with some brand new coillies and some other SEAT bits and pieces. Look out for my For...
  9. Tyre sizes

    also different tyre can affect ride. my wheels are the 205/45/16, I used to have Yokahama A520 (near semi-slick track tyres) the road noise was terrible, ride was very hard and unforgiving. Switched to Toyo T1R and these are much better, lots less road noise, less noise over rough tarmac and...
  10. are these hid's suitable but expensive?

    if they were to argue, i think they cant be bothered with the paperwork and grey areas. Just make sure you have it fitted properly either by yourself or a garage and get it adjusted/checked out properly by one of those headlight ...checker thingy ... they use at the MOT centres. Also important...
  11. Should i use Optimax in my 1.2?

    i used to use Tesco's 99 stuff but just got far too expensive for the extra smooth acceleration and bit more MPG. I now use Shell's normal 95 and applied for their Driver's card. the money saved can be put toward getting better tyres, air filter which will see more benefits than just the fuel...
  12. MeisterR Zeta coilovers

    Right guys, I'm bitting the bullet and dropped my order through, should get them by next Tuesday i think. Can't wait as my front bushes have had it, and i've still my got CEL on after £200 and 3 garage visits later! [:@]
  13. are these hid's suitable but expensive?

    i have that kit, really nice quality and service from these guy. I got them a while back and not one fault so far, plus they have some sorta warranty. I suggest just go for the Pro kit as the Ultimate kit i have have a slow warmup period there by taking longer to reach full brightness, a design...
  14. MeisterR Zeta coilovers

    Got a reply from Jerrick today, sorry for the delay for those who are interested as i'm having some problems with my car's engine. keeps getting catalyst bank 1 CEL fault after swapping out the lambda sensor :( "RRP is £649, for the Polo Europa Coilovers" i thinking 9N is the same as our mk4...
  15. Which Spark Plugs to get???

    woah every 6k? i do 7k in 6 months! No way would i change plugs that often
  16. Which bulb size for HID kit?

    i tried some ebay special H7R bulbs, seems the light filtering is done by heat resistant paint. Is this true on all bulbs of this type? The ones i bought were horridly painted on, had smudges on the edges, not clear cut at all, plus scattered light everywhere, to make things worse it started...
  17. A couple of bulb questions

    i thought the fogs were H3?
  18. Size of MK4 Ibiza front Speakers....

    I used 2 wedge paks and had some bits left over to cover the boot, then had some alternative materials for the rear quarters. To be honest the rear quarters are stiff enough.
  19. Size of MK4 Ibiza front Speakers....

    I've used Dynamat Extreme on my car mainly due to the cost (got them for the same price as normal version) and also the fact the doors are so heavy (was used to paperthin jap style doors with plastic liner skins not heavy sheet metal!) Not sure how much of a difference that made as i pretty much...
  20. Size of MK4 Ibiza front Speakers....

    they are 17cm seperates (tweeter and woofer cone), stock are riveted on so have fun removing those. you can swap to aftermarket but you'd probably want to get adaptors for them.
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