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  1. Urgent Help - Please!

    Finally fixed it. Luckily no EML which was good, even though it was a little lumpy, but it soon sorted itself out and bloody hell there was there a shed loads more torque! Spinning the wheels up in 3rd and 4th, and thats in dry tarmac with decent tires. Weird.
  2. Urgent Help - Please!

    Ahh. Haha. Ill give these a go. Looks right but lets try this picture. lol.
  3. Urgent Help - Please!

    Yeah, this was the first thing I checked at but some of the images are a tad hard to see. Just found a few here so will try these out. Looks as standard as possible vac hose wise. Thanks for the link though! :)
  4. Urgent Help - Please!

    I am in desperate need for pictures or more info where the vac hoses go for the n75, n249 and all that stuff as I need to connect it all together asap. Any help would mean a lot!
  5. Getting annoyed with how much the car drinks!

    No word of a lie, it does use it all up. Takes around 20 minutes to do the 8 miles also, when off peak 10 mins tops.
  6. Getting annoyed with how much the car drinks!

    I would guess so. I mean, I get paid petrol money for how car the office is to where ever the site is. Lucky for me the site I'm at atm is only 8 miles away, but it's these short journeys that kill my petrol. Get £35 a week to cover petrol and it does just that. Need to fill up if I wanna take...
  7. Interior Pillars.

    Should think so tbh. I was always aware that a facelift model was only slight change to bonnet, head lights, front wings and front bumper with a few other externals changed.
  8. 1.8T Cupra, Jittery

    Checked all the vacuum and boost pipes?
  9. Getting annoyed with how much the car drinks!

    Looking at selling the car, well px it in for something faster and gonna get banger for work runs.
  10. Getting annoyed with how much the car drinks!

    Still annoyed as I usually get around 40mpg when driving at 70mph on motorways. Don't even use the turbo at all so should be really good in fuel. :( We play metalcore. Basically heavy metal and hardcore.
  11. Getting annoyed with how much the car drinks!

    I'm the drummer but the kit is not that heavy tbh. MPG works out at 35 which is the same as what the car says also.
  12. best clutch set up for hybrid power?

    I have a stage 1 helix which is rated to 400lbs torque I believe but it's quite expensive!
  13. Getting annoyed with how much the car drinks!

    Drove the car to reading for a gig with my band. Filled up, drove there and bank and only managed 200 miles to 3/4 of a tank. That was all motorway with no mucking about, keeping a nice steady 70 all the way there and back. I know my car is tuned quite a lot, but after reading what over...
  14. My On going problem (Boost/N75)

    Well the Boost was set via AmD's stage 2 map, but as regards to boosts spikes, never been over 1.6 bar. Usually around 1.5 bar at most if going for it in the right gear.
  15. My On going problem (Boost/N75)

    Just a boost gauge mounted in the dash.
  16. My On going problem (Boost/N75)

    Interesting to hear the result! Should also mention that I have yellow spring but n75 and n249 are totally removed though. :/
  17. My On going problem (Boost/N75)

    I have exactly the same sound and problem with my mk4 Ibiza Petrol Fr. Low boost it just flutters all day long, but as soon as you hit around 1 bar right up to 1.6 bar it will dump hard them flutter soon after. Car is pushing around 250bhp and 305lbs torque but will find out again at the...
  18. Keeps blowing headlight bulb?

    Have you checked the voltage on the lamp connection with a multimeter? Also, do you have the correct size fuse for it also?
  19. HIDs - What kind? Tips and Pics inside.

    4.3k will he brighter. 5k will look white but will have ever slightly reduced output with 6k slightly worse off and 8 worse off than that. The side lights I have are more 6k in colour temp but actually look ok and not too blue compared to the 4.3k HIDS i have on my car. :)
  20. Better calipers

    Currently have these discs. Brand are called ATE Thanks for the help everyone. Looks like I'll be getting the brake fluid changed. Will def be doing this soon as I'm planning another Trip back to the Nurburgring at the end of May. :D
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