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  1. alexj124

    Web reload problems

    yep it seems to always be waiting for IE 8 windows 7 And when i switch on my work VPN which blocks all ads it can still be a little slow in loading pages but will never freeze. Like above never see any issues in the site when using IPhone.
  2. alexj124

    Are these wheels from a later leon?

    yep, those wheels were on a later TDI's not sure if they were an option or standard but they were a LEON TDI wheel.
  3. alexj124

    Ibiza Kitcars

    that sounds awesome!!
  4. alexj124

    RobDon's Leon -

    What does you GS calcs work out to be Rob? I remember you were almost spot on last time.
  5. alexj124

    Company - CarData

    a quick google - save your money :)
  6. alexj124

    How does car insurance work?

    You can find that different companies will specialise in different categories of cars and even change on a year to year basis (basically why your insurance can go up 80 quid on renewel) So unfortunately you are stuck with your insurer if you are only in second month. Some will let you out...
  7. alexj124

    Dash illumination on constantly

    also to note beside the light switch is a dimmer for the lights so if its really noticable in day light its probably whacked right up.
  8. alexj124

    BPM's Supercopa....the work begins!

    good luck guys, love the rear wiper camera :)
  9. alexj124

    LCR light weight edition, Getting broken up

    I think thats a good plan Willie. Nice and cool for the track giving you nice safe consistant laps and for the 1/4's etc you can advance the timing to get the headline figures. And you know that the worst that happened is you've done 1/4 mile with it not running which wont be too bad. And you'll...
  10. alexj124

    LCR light weight edition, Getting broken up

    yeah sorry was monday morning laziness :) Was just the fact you were saying it was getting hot at times. Do you think the map might be working too hard if temps are getting up? As i'd imagine on the track the temps would be far higher than you could ever achieve on the road? what about...
  11. alexj124

    LCR light weight edition, Getting broken up

    Good write up Willie, glad you finally got it mapped :) I assume you have a FMIC. without having to read through the whole post again?
  12. alexj124

    OEM or Big Turbo?

    haha love your description on non usable power :) yeah i'd consider usuable power as power suits the purpose of the car. Road car needs power available from low down and can tail off at the top because you've got to such a speed its now dangerous to go faster on a public road On the...
  13. alexj124

    Potential daft question: Spare tyre different size to main tyre

    if the spare was 205/55/16 and not the 225 i'd assume that you used to have the 16'' wheel and the main wheels have been replaced with an aftermarket. As above though get that changed as its next to useless to have in your car.
  14. alexj124

    Kieth O'Dor

    i dont remember it, but looking at the crash it does look like he had plenty of time to stop considering the exact same audi behind him stopped on a sixpence
  15. alexj124

    LCR light weight edition, Getting broken up

    shame i'm heading up to aberdeen tonight or i would of nipped up to KH to see how you were getting on. Best of luck you should see a good decrease in your lap times this time round
  16. alexj124

    ZBOYD's Cupra.. First M.O.T. Will it pass? Yes it did :)

    Re: ZBOYD's Cupra.. First M.O.T. Will it pass? a fail but on something really stupid and cheap to fix
  17. alexj124

    RobDon's Leon -

    didn't ZBOYD have these as well? Think Allen's (DJHorace) main issue with them was he couldn't get it strapped down on a RR it just kept spinning up. Might be another consideration if you want to RR it again.
  18. alexj124

    Toyo Proxes T1R v Uniroyal Rainsports tyres v Goodyear Eagle

    what were you after?? a scale of 1-10 maybe a comparison betwen the noise and a lion's roar?? :rolleyes::p
  19. alexj124

    Toyo Proxes T1R v Uniroyal Rainsports tyres v Goodyear Eagle

    none were that excessive trying to remember back probably the F1's were the worst but not excessive and not a massive difference between the 3.
  20. alexj124

    Toyo Proxes T1R v Uniroyal Rainsports tyres v Goodyear Eagle

    i've had all three for the Leon if that helps Eagles - good in the dry but not so good in wet and terrible in snow/ice. Proxes - I fould them as very ordinary tyres better in extreme wet and snow than the eagles Uniroyals - I have liked these actually jack of all trade but master of none...
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