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  1. GOODYEAR GSD3 V Toyo Proxes T1-R

    I thought that they had 205/55 16's.
  2. Help! Mate's Leon has an indoor pool

    Cheers guys, I'll have a go at sorting it for him myself.
  3. Help! Mate's Leon has an indoor pool

    One of my good mates has a 2001 Cupra that is very wet on the inside. After it's been raining, he opens the drivers door and water spills in. The dealer has said this is common on pre-2002 cars. Thet have quoted him £600 to replace the membrane on the four doors:wtf: , but they said it might...
  4. Who's been up against a scooby?

    Here's my personal experience; I had a Revo'd LCR, and now have a WRX PPP (05 model with the inverted front dampers, 0-60 mph 4.8, 0-100 14.1) so I can comment on both cars. Once rolling a standard LCR will keep up with a standard WRX, a Revo'd LCR is a match for a WRX PPP (assuming the...
  5. LCR Brakes

    The DS2500's are superb! A must for an LCR.
  6. Rear brake pad wear

    Okay, I'll strip them down to take a look. Don't suppose anyone has a part number for the rear pads (same as a 130 tdi Leon)?
  7. Rear brake pad wear

    My wifes car (53 plate A3 130tdi) had it's 3rd service last week. The dealer called up to say there is only about 3k miles left in the rear pads. We've had the car from new, it done 51k but never had front pads so I was suprised that the rears have gone first. The car has the same brake set up...
  8. LCR going soon

    That might be the case when my wife see how much money has left our bank account :-D
  9. LCR going soon

    Well, I put a deposit on a WRX today. It was a really tough decision to make as I still love the LCR. What clinched it for me was the test drive, the standard WRX wasn't a s quick but it was really good fun. Scooby's are really cheap at the moment as dealers can't shift them due to...
  10. Moto GP Estoril

    I'm a Rossi fan, but I was gutted for Hayden. Rossi recently said that Pedrosa is quick but is dangerous when overtaking..........
  11. We're Back!

    Well done guys zboyd, mork, martin (and anyone else involved) for resolving the 'problem'. I wonder what Karma has in store for the Hacker/s?
  12. Milltek exhaust on V5?

    I used to have a 20v V5 MkIV Golf that had a Milltek. It sounded really nice (not too loud) but even with an AMD remap it only made 190 bhp. If you are going to get a Milltek, make sure it's the V5 version. One company that sells on here wanted to fit the 1.8t version to my V5. I was...
  13. Itchy feet? Considering not getting the cupra!!

    You can't make an informed decision until you have driven the Cupra, you'd be gutted if you bought an FR then found that the Cupra was your perfect car.
  14. Bought my LCR!!! Well, nearly!

    Sounds good, you'll love it :D
  15. Good place for tracking in Guildford?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I used to use Guildford tyres as they were the best around (and it didn't hurt that on of my mates used to be the manager there:) ). Since he left a couple of years ago the service and quality of the staff has gone down hill; they were the people that screwed up my...
  16. Good place for tracking in Guildford?

    Thanks for that. I've used Martins before, they are very cheap. I was really looking for an allignment specialist, are there any in Surrey?
  17. Air Mass meter problems.. A common Seat v5 problem?

    I had a 20v V5 Mkiv Golf from new. It was on it's 3rd MAF when I sold it 2yrs and 20k miles later.....
  18. Good place for tracking in Guildford?

    Can anyone recomend a quality alignment centre in Guildford? I need to get my LCR tracked, and last time I had a nightmare (it went in fine, came out with steering wheel off-center and it was pulling to the left). Thanks Ade
  19. LCR Wheel - Rim Bent!

    I feel for you mate :( On an aside, did you take the plastic wheel nut covers off before you tried the wheel brace? If not, that's why it won't fit.
  20. Seat UK Complaints dept.

    Hopefully this isn't the case for you, however there is something you should know about nearly new 'management' cars that are registered to the manufacturer. I used to work for a company that got all it's company cars through a national car hire company. We were given brand new cars to run...
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