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  1. Pew.

    Stupid Things you had done with or in the car

    She drove it less than a mile, on a slip road joining a 70 I told her foot down in 2nd. Soon as that boost kicked in that was it, she wanted out
  2. Pew.

    Stupid Things you had done with or in the car

    I let the Mrs drive mine. Once.
  3. Pew.

    Why oh Why

    Invention for the sake of invention
  4. Pew.

    How dirty has your car been...

    My nephew slipped on dog **** and landed flat on his back on top of it. The cars been dirtier.
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    MY19 Cupra fuel consumption?

    There is only 1 factor you need to consider when wondering if MPG will mean you have to fill up.... Who else is in you car :drive2:
  6. Pew.

    Black Friday Sales.

    Bought the Mrs a Hugo boss watch she wants for Christmas, £259 down to £152
  7. Pew.

    Carista App

    What did you change
  8. Pew.

    Radio upgrade

    As Walsh he said it's possible, but is it worth the hastle and costs .... I wouldn't say so.
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    Thanks, sorted. It was an M6
  10. Pew.


    Any joy with those pics ?
  11. Pew.

    Cable tv

    It's free up to a certain cost. There is a "price per home" to connect you from where ever the cable is in the street. For example if there is literally no way to get a cable to your property without digging up 5m of concrete and reinstating it, they will not install it.
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    There isn't a metal bracket there as standard, that's for my intake
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    Yep here you
  14. Pew.


    Hi there Sorry this is no longer he best image but I hope it will suffice. I've lost the screw that goes in here on the passenger side of a 18.tsi (2017) Wonder if you can identify it and give me a price
  15. Pew.

    Interior Design

    Also the new A1 is being made in the seat factory, the build quality between Ibiza / Polo / fabia / golf/ Leon is pretty much the same.
  16. Pew.

    Looking where I can gat some vcom mods Glasgow

    Ps I'm around uddingston / bellshill area
  17. Pew.

    Looking where I can gat some vcom mods Glasgow

    I have carista which can be used to make changes such as wing mirror gold and so on. Have done so on my own mk3
  18. Pew.

    Tuning software

    Bluefin and Revo offer handheld devices that let you uploaded and download generic maps
  19. Pew.

    Selling my Mk3 SC.what to price it at?

    Probably 6-7k You never get what any internet page says You can get a 16plate from Arnold ripoff with 10kish for 12000 The MK4 is also looking which will cheapen the MK3 further
  20. Pew.

    Secondary air pump help

    If s usually the plastic piping that goes and makes the noise rather than the pump itself. Woth checking as cheap to replace
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