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  1. WatchHill

    No car mods in your Signature?

    I always thought it looked a little cheesy, especially when you get people listing stuff like their tyre brands or wax type. To each his own though.
  2. WatchHill

    silly bitch cant see a bright yellow car!

    Of course he has, not only that but the impact has addled his brains and made his spelling equivalent to that of a 5 year old. :whistle:
  3. WatchHill

    Just ordered my PC!!!!

    Blimey, I knew they were going on hols but I didn't know they were taking the whole month off! How very continental.
  4. WatchHill

    Just ordered my PC!!!! For menz. Absolutely great stuff. Get powergloss for the stubborn bits but Intensive Polish for the rest. Use Finishing Touch Glaze too, made quite a difference on my ovni.
  5. WatchHill

    Whining noise from car - any ideas

    Sig is a bit excessive in size though - takes up half a screen!
  6. WatchHill

    Whining noise from car - any ideas

    Girlfriend complaining about your speed?
  7. WatchHill

    Just tried clay!!!

    Split your clay in two. Then as FinerDetails says you keep one half in the hot water and swap over as you feel the clay start to get cool.
  8. WatchHill

    How to wash your car

    You're not alone. Detailing World is a little polarized between those who think these are great and those who think they are a waste of time. ..I'm in the latter camp BTW!
  9. WatchHill

    whats this button?

    It's in there fella, keep looking!
  10. WatchHill

    Lifeshine Removal

    Why not take it back to the guy that applied it and demand he fix it?
  11. WatchHill

    "It's not easy being green" - Biodiesel

    Nope. It's your waste then, the shops have provided you with packaging. The oil thing is a bit of a grey area I'd have thought. If you are transporting it for disposal then it is waste, if you are transporting it for usage then it should be a product.
  12. WatchHill


    :thumbup: What he said. x 2
  13. WatchHill

    Atmos Dump Valve?????

    Which of course might answer why the chap in the first post wasn't getting performance despite revo/zorst etc.
  14. WatchHill

    Where do i stand, dodgy wheel company

    When you think about it the cones on motorways etc have to be quite hefty to withstand the draft of blimmin great waggons hoofing past. Still shocked at the damage though, you can understand the wheel people being sceptical.
  15. WatchHill

    Smooth or not to smooth...

    Whatever makes you happy eh? Fair play.
  16. WatchHill

    Smooth or not to smooth...

    Only if you are a chav. By my definition. :shrug: I can't speak for everyone but we are seeing more and more ill-advised bodywork mods the likes of which one normally sees on an elderly corsa or saxo 1.2 driven by spotty herbets with white baseball caps and lesuire wear. This is not an...
  17. WatchHill

    Smooth or not to smooth...

    Iffin you like! Maybe it's different where you live but I've never seen a 'smoothed' car driven by anyone else but a chav/chavette. Usually with a cack body kit with ridiculous spoilers in undercoat colours. Nearly always a cooking model too.
  18. WatchHill

    The New Inca?

    Another sporty offering from Seat, VAG's 'Alfa'?
  19. WatchHill

    Jezzer's big mouth

    Yeah, but you only have to cast your mind back to the response to the new Leon shape we had on here to see where he was coming from.
  20. WatchHill

    WRC Spoiler on my Seat Leon!!!

    Oh dear. Lexus lights. Never a good look.
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