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  1. WeeJase

    flip key info thread

    It took me longer to search for this thread than to program mine today. flip key and remote boot lock/unlock. Very nice. now do i program the other one i bought too or sell it???
  2. WeeJase

    Radio DJ Scott Mills tunes in to SEAT

    wonder if he remembers me from the day he played the brown noise. he was lost for words when i rang into the show.
  3. WeeJase

    How much was your Ibiza mk4

    26,000 mile 54 plate 2005 FR 1.8T £4495. not had a it a week yet and it's had two tanks of fuel :). I'm not convinced its stock 150 BHP either,but i have been driving a 110 tdi with part time turbo for 3 years. Edit: got £480 for the toledo.
  4. WeeJase

    flip key info thread

    cheers for the info. and so the spending begins again!
  5. WeeJase

    flip key info thread

    Right! I'm too old to got through the whole thread,just one question. 54 plate ibiza FR. can i use the 3 button remote and have boot release?
  6. WeeJase

    Who was a member on smartgroups?

    Aye! even before I had a pc.
  7. WeeJase 10 years old

    ten years my ass hello again! things have changed a bit since i was here last.
  8. WeeJase

    Buying a toledo tomorrow...urgent help needed please

    check all door seals and foot wells,mine leaked front and rear. if it has had water ingress,chance are one of the central convenience modules may be up **** creek. which will mean lack of central locking,alarm problems,no electric mirrors and/or windows.Not cheap to buy from a dealer,but circa...
  9. WeeJase

    1.8 Gti

    Mk2 golf gti 16V. Like for like swap , but a rebuilt one would be nice
  10. WeeJase

    1.8 Gti

    And has the worst gear ratio's(3,4,5) and final drive in VAG. change the gearbox for a golf one.
  11. WeeJase

    considering a bammer

    as a family car/camping kit/bike lugger. looking at post 2003/4 model, diesel of course. Any weak points to note? Any help and advice welcomed,and do they only come in bloody silver?
  12. WeeJase

    central locking gone nuts !

    central convenience/control unit. expensive,but can be DIY'd, the one under the dash can be got at by removing the fuse box and the cover under the steering column. looks like this,though part numbers vary slightly.
  13. WeeJase

    14% hike in road tax, I'm disgusted !

    soon i will be petrolhead without a car. oh bliss!!
  14. WeeJase

    Happy Birthday SCN - 9 years old this week.

    9 years!!!!!!!!!!! terry waite was released after 4. If it wasn't for the good people of SCN i would still be unpacking my first pc from it's box. Next month i hand back my company car,one of my first thoughts was mk2 16v ibiza weekend toy.
  15. WeeJase


    Leon owners,gotta love em.
  16. WeeJase

    why i really worry about some mk2 owners..

    i love the tow hitch.
  17. WeeJase

    Syphon's MK2 Leon Cupra - mods complete (for now!) - new pics at end of thread :)

    nothing to do with the cupra R coming out then ? :p
  18. WeeJase

    VW R32 Engine

    I'd hazard a guess(and that's all it is) that an R32 engine is not much heavier,if at all than a tdi or 20vt and all its ancillaries.
  19. WeeJase

    Cant find twin headlights for my 2l cordy sx

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