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  1. sted

    Top 10 highest-accident rate cars

    i presume its worked out as a percentage of cars made that are written off rather than straight numbers so 5% say of leons might get written off being say 50 cars whereas 3% of focuss get written off being 300 cars (numbers are just plucked from thin air and bear no resemblence to sales figures)
  2. sted

    Speed comparison of PD130 and GTi6

    but comparing a std car against a modded one is stupid as you could probably improve the 306's handling with after market kits as well
  3. sted

    Speed comparison of PD130 and GTi6

    i having a little play with a mates 306 gti6 a week or so ago and in a straight line he couldnt lose me but as mentioned the ibiza dosent do corners
  4. sted


    is your headrest on the front seat at full extension if so knock it down a notch worked for me
  5. sted

    Ibiza FR TDi or Fiesta ST?

    well ok 197 for one 1nd 199 for another rolling roaded the std st engine is not at all stressed and as mentioned has seriouslt restricted exhaust flow (presumably to keep insurance companes happy)
  6. sted

    Ibiza FR TDi or Fiesta ST?

    if you pay anythink like that for a fiesta st youre being ripped iirc the people i know with them payed approx 11k with leather the st will fairly easily (zaust, chip, manifold, filter) go to 200bhp as the whole exhause system ford fit is very restrictive As to seats on fiesta forums on...
  7. sted

    5 Door Ibiza Fr

    thats what dealers told me when i was looking for mine
  8. sted

    TDI 60k (cambelt) service near Leeds

    what about JBS they are only in chesterfield just a quick run down the M1
  9. sted

    60k service - Whats needed and how much?

    just had that done on mine on my 40k service @ jbs ~£240
  10. sted

    60k service - Whats needed and how much?

    i also thought the water pump needed replacing about then
  11. sted

    green panel filter and pd 160 intake

    got to be said apart from a minor noise difference i cant tell teh diff between the green filter and std one. i also changed over a couple of weeks changed to pd160 air intake then a week later did the green filter
  12. sted

    Painted Brake Calipers

    i just did them in situ when i painted the fiestas calipers and it dosent really matter if you do get paint on the discs it soon wears off
  13. sted

    Ibiza last in Test Drive Mag Supermini test

    the handling of the ibiza (at least my tdi sport 130) is dreadfull it just understeers whatever you do (its better with tc off but still bad) and lets be honest the interior is pretty dull. Also in my experience its not that well bolted together also bear in mind apart from the fiesta and jazz...
  14. sted

    PD160 Intake on FR

    i honestly couldnt tell the difference between the green filter and the paper 1 when i changed it the pd160 pipe though made a fair difference
  15. sted

    PD160 Intake on FR

    PD130 PD160
  16. sted

    Aero wipers

    still waiting on img to deliver these been ages now
  17. sted

    Poorly Dirty Diesel Ibiza...,10712.0.html from a quick read id say you aint getting enough air or the maf is f*cked could also be your ecu god forbid lol
  18. sted

    PD160 intake and green filter.

    im just not sure the cotton green was an improvement i think the std may of been better so im gonna swap back and test
  19. sted

    PD160 intake and green filter.

    the pd160 intake yes (makes the car more responsive imo) the green filter im not so sure im tempted to put the oem one back
  20. sted

    found some speakers under rear bench

    oh well lol :clown: does look like a speaker though
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