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  1. David_smith_909

    Boost Leak

    do you know what pressure your car should be running? id start looking at your diverter valve if you mention flutter.. vac hoses, then intercooler pipes etc
  2. David_smith_909

    another one off the road

    Check your anti roll bar as well mate mine was bent after i had a 'bump'
  3. David_smith_909

    New and Old

    Welcome to SCN And congrats on your pending bambino :thumbup:
  4. David_smith_909

    Audi S3 GT3582R stroker Build (previously GT3071r)

    Love this, just amazing attention to detail :thumbup:
  5. David_smith_909

    mk3 ibiza cupra GT28rs back yard build!

    not a fan of the wrinkle, but that orange though... :drool:
  6. David_smith_909

    Yellow Ibiza 1.8 Am04 stage 2 turbo 241 BHP back on here again

    Now this a blast from the past!! i remember fitting all this to that car after chris basically bought my whole setup! Glad its all still going strong :thumbup:
  7. David_smith_909

    My first turbo

    naaa, used to go to the local meets off here, and go ultimate dubs etc etc.. bagillt isnt far from me though, if you ever need any help with your motor, let me know
  8. David_smith_909

    My first turbo

    Welcome to SCN :thumbup: you will have to post some pics up Another member from north wales :)
  9. David_smith_909

    Silver mk3 Ibiza cupra 20vt project

    can buy a hardpipe with map sensor on from forge motorsport :) they are in the traders section on here to get the squashed pipe out you have to drop it yes, but i just cut mine out as i knew i would never use it again. i used to run 2.5" piping from turbo to inlet mani
  10. David_smith_909

    Silver mk3 Ibiza cupra 20vt project

    on your intercooler piping you want to get rid of the squashed pipe going inbetween your subframe on the passanger side - massive bottle neck also, beed roll your hard pipes to stop them popping off under load :) looking clean fair play, very tider car welcome to SCN by the way :thumbup...
  11. David_smith_909

    Xbox Live Gamer tags

    GT - sm1thy1983 All the cods (except bops1 because it makes me rage) Battlefield 3 MOH 1-2 Forza 3-4-horizon F1 2011 - F1 2012 PGR 3-4 Basically FPS and Racing games are my thing :)
  12. David_smith_909

    Bonnet Lifters

    spray them when new?
  13. David_smith_909

    mk3 ibiza cupra GT28rs back yard build!

    not a fan of the yellow tints on your headlights, but other than that - Stunning :thumbup:
  14. David_smith_909

    Ronin225's Candy rimmed Black LCR - Project 500-4WD, Cage installed and bigger turbo

    Awesome Gti http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=85
  15. David_smith_909

    wiring for gauges and turbo timer

    my bad (its been a while) [B)]
  16. David_smith_909

    wiring for gauges and turbo timer

    :no: only live when ignition is on
  17. David_smith_909

    30v V6 into an ibiza

    i have a AYP block sat on a pallet in my garage with 67k on it :) Seriously though, better buying a complete doner car, stripping it down and putting it in yours, transfer the ecu, loom, engine, dash, pretty much everything :thumbup:
  18. David_smith_909

    Robbie C's Ibiza Cupra

    haha, quality stuff :thumbup:
  19. David_smith_909

    Robbie C's Ibiza Cupra

    few minutes further down from wrexham and you would be on horse shoe pass - pretty similar to snake pass near sheffield - good road ! (near oswestry) good luck going past tywyn, i think sheep outnumber people their 13-1 - watch yourself on them roads, i took out a badger just the other week...
  20. David_smith_909

    the correct way to do the n249 and SAI bypass

    unplumb the valves but leave the electrics plugged in - extend the wiring and move the valves to hide behind the scuttle panel iv heard of resistors messing up ECU's, not alot of them, but it has happened a number of times could have been wrong resistors or incorrectly installed though :shrug:
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