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  1. Ronin225

    Leon Cupra R AWD PPT5935R E85 build

    Hi Oistein, nice to see you've still kept yours and continued with it I still have mine although progress has been much slower and car has taken a backstage position as life has become busier Maybe one day it will reach your level of tune
  2. Ronin225

    Ronin225's Candy rimmed Black LCR - Project 500-4WD, Cage installed and bigger turbo

    Hi dolby, yes still have the car although it doesnt do much nowadays, mostly a driveway ornament I have done a few slow burning upgrades over the last few years so need to update here
  3. Ronin225

    Front wishbone polybush fitting help

    Bigger part is on the top, guide might still be in my sig on the hows etc
  4. Ronin225

    Rear caliper rebuild

    rears are 256mm and bigger than the normal variants however these are shared with 225 TT and 8L S3s
  5. Ronin225

    Subframe Polybushes...worth it?

    Pretty good in comparison with weitecs had before. Also lots of adjustability of rebound etc which is handy on a heavily modified weight wise car
  6. Ronin225

    what have you done to your car today ?

    Drove it for an uncomfortable 20 miles, which made me feel old, then realised ive owned it 10 years which made me feel older
  7. Ronin225

    Gas strut of lightweight bonnet

    I have a carbon bonnet fitted and due to the lightweight nature of it if the OE gas strut is fitted it tries to push the closed bonnet up on the side. Ive removed the OE bonnet latch as nowhere to put the release cable with cage and run aerocatches instead However whenever working on the engine...
  8. Ronin225

    Wheel bearing help

    Ive always gone for the SKF stuff which are ball bearing so never fitted these
  9. Ronin225

    Wheel bearing help

    Are they definitely wheel bearings and not for inside gearbox like input shaft? As these normally require lube from somewhere or a greasing point whereas wheel ones are often sealed
  10. Ronin225

    Wheel bearing help

    normally when you press them out it will leave the inner race stuck in the hub, this can be a pain to remove unless you do the old welder trick I'm pretty sure all the ones ive fitted have been in one piece though as opposed to the thrust style like shown
  11. Ronin225

    Subframe Polybushes...worth it?

    KW adjustable top mounts, got them when I bought the clubsports If really bracing can make getting alignment difficult as not much slack anywhere
  12. Ronin225

    Rake Bleeding Problems.

    Ive had quite a few different braking setups, never minded fitting them but always hated bleeding. Last time I upgraded the rears to 308mm with new calipers and 356mm full floating 6 pot AP setup on the front but bled ok, its quite fierce when warm
  13. Ronin225

    Rear strut brace

    I did used to have rear strut braces in mine and did make a notable difference however being as ive had my leon an eternity they were older style non direct fitment. Now replaced with a full weld international race cage although this stiffened the car much more
  14. Ronin225

    Rake Bleeding Problems.

    Mk5 platform is better but can still cause problems. Id suggest leaving it over night and coming back and starting again but work furthest rear to front, if he has vagcom he can also manually bleed abs unit
  15. Ronin225

    Subframe Polybushes...worth it?

    I have solid billet aluminium bushings in mine, just knocked in with mallet Can make subframe alignment difficult come tracking time as there is no movement but I have adjustable top mounts to help with this
  16. Ronin225

    Rake Bleeding Problems.

    Mk4 platform is a nightmare to bleed even with all the gear. Often had friends leave the car a few hours as air seems to get stuck somewhere somehow. Had major headache with mine on all of my setups bar the AP's I have now but think that's just luck
  17. Ronin225

    Rear Light Swap

    3 little nuts (8mm from memory) hold each part of the light in but are behind the plastic trim as mentioned. Often bit boot lid plastic will break clips when pulling off so take care
  18. Ronin225

    MK1 Cupra R Hybrid Turbo

    beach buggy trubos or the aet offering from B5
  19. Ronin225

    Wheel bearing help

    Roller bearings as opposed to ball bearing, but essentially do the same job Are they a decent branded bearings? ive done too many to put cheap ones in
  20. Ronin225

    Bigger master cylinder

    Same size in both
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