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  1. Daniel M

    Daniel M's FR PD170 - Fixed 24.07.2017

    Been a long time since I updated this. The Leon has since left my ownership an has been replaced by an Audi A4 Avant which is my daily and the S3 is still sitting pretty on the drive. I was sad to see the Leon go as it was a very good reliable car for 5 years. The last year or so has been up...
  2. Daniel M

    Daniel M's FR PD170 - Fixed 24.07.2017

    I got a 2003 S3 with the BAM engine, always wanted one. It’s only a temporary thing until I sell the Leon (The FR has a few issues at the moment) although I may keep the S3 and have it as a weekend toy.
  3. Daniel M

    Daniel M's FR PD170 - Fixed 24.07.2017

    Been a while since I updated this.... Car is still in my ownership although almost back to standard apart from the H&R’s. I’ve just got an Audi S3 so the Leon is being used as a run about at the moment. I have a few other little bits to sell off it but after that it will be sold so I can...
  4. Daniel M

    2007 Leon 2.0TDi 'Stylance'

    Glad they all got there. Look forward to seeing them fitted mate :thumbup:
  5. Daniel M

    Brake pads.....

    Yeah a rewind tool is needed
  6. Daniel M

    Daniel M's FR PD170 - Fixed 24.07.2017

    Thanks, I would keep it but need an estate and want something automatic.
  7. Daniel M

    preface rear bumper on face lift

    Yeah the rears are the same
  8. Daniel M

    Daniel M's FR PD170 - Fixed 24.07.2017

    For sale http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=436441
  9. Daniel M

    What did you and your MK2 do today?

    Not today but yesterday, detailed it and took off the headlight tints and plasti-dip off the badges. They were looking a little worse for wear but, this might be the start of putting it back to standard.
  10. Daniel M

    Holy Grail of Tyres

    3rd set in 13 months? Can't be that good if they wear that quick
  11. Daniel M

    !!!Coil light flashing, car in limp mode, juddering?

    Could be a whole host of things from a leaky boost pipe, inlet manifold, egr, throttle body, inlet actuator failed..... Best thing to do is have it scanned on VCDS. Where are you based?
  12. Daniel M

    DIY Racechip

    4 year old thread lol
  13. Daniel M

    Holy Grail of Tyres

    Uniroyal Rainsport 3's for me and only £60-63 each from Camskill
  14. Daniel M

    What did you and your MK2 do today?

    Looks very nice without the wiper, just not sure I could live without it.
  15. Daniel M

    Anyone got Kumho ECSTA PS31 tyres on their car?

    Personally I have Uniroyal Rainsport 3's and find them very good. Wear rate is slightly higher than others but the fronts will last a year easily. Grip in the wet is great and they're only £60-65 each.
  16. Daniel M

    19" mk2 cupra alloys

    Or 3 Cupra R wheels https://www.gumtree.com/e/seat-leon-cupra-19-ronal-alloys-only-3-alloys/v1%7C122613506554%7C0
  17. Daniel M

    19" mk2 cupra alloys

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/seat-leon-cupra-wheels-5x112/1256744708 They're 18's though
  18. Daniel M

    Alarm going off - help!

    You haven't recent changed the headunit have you? After market headunits can cause battery drain issues. Not sure what the issue with the alarm is though.
  19. Daniel M

    Newbie saying hi!!

    I dont think the central locking module would bring the engine light on though. My advice would be to have it scanned on VCDS so you can be sure of the codes and faults. Where are you based? Does the car regen a lot?
  20. Daniel M

    19" mk2 cupra alloys

    No, only the Cupra R had 19's
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