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  1. JK1

    SEAT have ruined the LEON

    Some interesting stuff in there, being able to pre-heat the cabin with the plug-in hybrid version is interesting. I think I'll wait and see what the new Audi A3 will look like. My A4 goes back in September and it's really beginning to annoy me how slow VAG are at releasing details the Golf mk8...
  2. JK1

    Frozen Screen

    I had an issue in mine after Christmas when the screen was powered but totally blank, eventually I found if I pressed both the Power and Tuning dials down for 10+ seconds the system rebooted with the 'Seat' logo. That's the 2013 Tech Pack version of the system though.
  3. JK1

    Why doesn't James May rate the Leon Cupra 280?

    It was mostly about cars that were compromised to make them fast on the Nurburgring so I would say he meant the Cupra with the sub-8 pack.
  4. JK1

    Safelock, wtf?

    It's a warning that if you exit the vehicle and lock the car anybody still inside will be trapped as the interior door handles won't work. It's pretty stupid because SAFELOCK doesn't mean anything unless it's buried in the manual somewhere but from what I remember it's not called SAFELOCK in...
  5. JK1

    2017 Leon!!!

    Shame they got rid of the 1.8 petrol, I was looking to go back to petrol after nearly 15 years and I'm just not the racing around kind of person so a Cupra seems overkill. Some decent options though, and they're reasonably priced to. Doesn't really matter now though as after driving Seats...
  6. JK1

    Battery health / status

    It does but as you continue to hold it it un-resets and shows the extra information.
  7. JK1

    Leon 2016 facelift???

    I think he's referring to an update in iOS 10 that allows CarPlay to display on both the main screen and a second MFD on the dashboard, mostly aimed at Apple Maps navigation. However the car has to support this new feature and at the moment I think only Ford have committed to it. To be fair...
  8. JK1

    Leon 2016 facelift???

    Interesting both the presenter and Seat guy talk about an upcoming digital dashboard, sounds like Virtual Cockpit, but can't help thinking it wouldn't come with Google Maps...
  9. JK1

    FR 184: Manual vs DSG

    I wanted a DSG when I bought mine but they didn't sell that configuration at the time. Personally my next car will have DSG. Perhaps because it's a diesel it feels like 1st and 2nd manual gears are really short I would imagine a DSG would smooth that out, might just be me though! Then again if...
  10. JK1

    Leon FR ST 184 - coolant suddenly disappeared

    Had the same, topped it up and not had an issue since. Almost certainly an airlock in the system somewhere that works its way out. Top it up and keep an eye on it but probably won't happen again!
  11. JK1

    Paris Motor Show 2016

    Seat marketing keep going on about the Ateca being there, surely we'll see some info about a facelift Leon?! Been driving Seats since I passed my test, really thinking of going to Audi...
  12. JK1


    I'd say it depends on if you only do short journeys or just a mixture. I do a lot of short journeys with a few medium length journeys through the week and I've never had an issue with the DPF. That said this will be my last diesel for the foreseeable future. I don't do the mileage to make it...
  13. JK1

    Leon 2016 facelift???

    I hope we're not going to still be getting standard indicator bulbs rather than LEDs in the rear lights, yes I could do it myself but I'm lazy/incompetent!
  14. JK1

    Diesel 2.0 TDI occasionally struggles to start

    I thought I'd give your suggestion a go... pvm1234567890. First few days seemed fine but today it was back to longer cranking to start, yes it was humid, damp, and warm but in modern engines so what?! Bugs me :(
  15. JK1

    Navigation System Updates

    The early models (at least) have to be paired to the SD card by the dealers, the SD cards have some unique ID which is bound to the entertainment system, you can't just swap it out and you can't just copy updated map data to your existing card. You can ask your dealer and they might pair your...
  16. JK1

    Leon 2016 facelift???

    Nothing so far. Rumour was the facelift VW Golf would debut at the Geneva Motor Show (with other makes to follow) but nothing was announced so the wait continues... :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. JK1

    Annoying Sat Nav voice instructions

    Press Town on the address list then tap post code in the bottom left. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. JK1

    Annoying Sat Nav voice instructions

    I'm sure there's an option in the SatNav to switch between detailed and simple guidance. I've considered it especially when driving through Milton Keynes "at the next roundabout take the third exit on to such and such street" "now take the third exit" "in 300 yards take the second exit on to...
  19. JK1

    Cupra 290 Standard Nav vs Nav High

    The high is faster than the normal although the normal version was updated last year so it's not as slow as the old 2013 version. With the high the map data is stored on the hard drive in the system rather than an SD card, not sure if the map data is provided by another company or not I...
  20. JK1

    ST won't unlock the tailgate?

    Have you tried double pressing the unlock button? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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