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  1. Urgent Help Required

    Drove it over to my mate garage, used his code reader, came up with: MAF ( low voltage ) Terminal 30 ( Low Voltage ) Secondary Air Valve ( This is because it been removed ) Rear Right Door Mechanism When i went to leave started it up & revs dropped when i accelerated, disconnected the MAF &...
  2. Urgent Help Required

    i have plugged it into vagcom, but there are no codes, im guessing its because i took the battery off & left it like that over night, I have just reconnected the battery & started it, Started fine, held revs as normal, didnt cut out, just drove 10 miles & everything seems fine, got home left it...
  3. Urgent Help Required

    Thats what i mean its fine one day then the next its nothing but trouble, i think it happens when i put my foot down gets to about 4-5rpm then the problem occurs
  4. Urgent Help Required

    one days its fine next its not, someone said crankshaft sensor? would this cause any of the problems im getting, il have a check to see if the alternator is receiving the right current ect, battery seems to be fine, & il check earth when cars in the air tomorrow, worring thing is this problem...
  5. Urgent Help Required

    Problem started about a week ago, Drove about 30miles with no problems, then turned the car off for around 15-20 minutes, when i tried to start the car it wouldnt fire up, took the battery off & started fine & drove back again with no problems, ( been fine for about 3-4 days ) On Thursday i...
  6. New Alloys

    Hi All, Im wanting to buy some new Bola B8Rs Alloys in 18" 8.5 & Et38 going to be fitted with 225.35.18 or 215.35.18 tyres is this going to be ok with clearance on the front so its not hitting the strut? :confused: Also going to lowered on AP Coilovers
  7. Random loss of power while driving

    Need some :help: The other day i was driving to work got 10 miles down the road & my car just lost power, kept losing then regaining, Battery light came on, pulled over car seemed to idle fine, pulled away fine too, drove another 5 miles done the same, got to work in the end & turned it off...
  8. Anti Roll Bar

    Cheers Mate, Sounds Good, Can get a Cupra R one for £50 :)
  9. Anti Roll Bar

    :help: Want to lower my car (Seat Leon Cupra) more than 40mm, Standard bar dont allow me to do this, What would be the best bar to use :think: IE: Cupra R, Audi TT, Ect, & would i be expecting any modifications for this to fit, Will purchase adjustable drop links Many Thanks In Advance
  10. Steering/Suspension Components

    Iv had the inner rods replaced, but still got play both sides
  11. Steering/Suspension Components

    Had some knocking from the drivers side front shock since changing the top mounts so had the morning free so had to investigate the problem, put the car on axle stands to have a better look to see what the other knocking sound was from the inner track rods as assumed that it could of been a...
  12. Steering/Suspension Components

    Im going to replace the wishbones & get the powerflex rear bushes while there being fitted, Trouble with the inner & outer track rods i went for the cheaper option as money was tight...
  13. Steering/Suspension Components

    Finally got the car to my mates garage to fit the new inner/outer tracks & top mounts, but now have more problems :( Wishbone rear bushes are really soft when using a lever bar so i guess theses are on the way out, After the top mounts have been fitted the cups on the top dont seem to sit...
  14. Steering/Suspension Components

    Cheers il have a look about & get a quote from SEAT Maybe best to jack her up & check the inner rod to see for myself if its open to a spanner if not il just get the tool, £27 off the bay
  15. Steering/Suspension Components

    I'm in need of changing my inner/outer trackrods & bottom ball joint on drivers side, so im going to do both sides while im at it, Just wondering if there was any good brands to go for or are they mostly all the same, As for the inner trackrod can this be undone by a spanner or is the...
  16. Shabb's Mk1 Leon Cupra 1.8T

    Iv been reading up & this seems to be the case, been looking at the mainshaft bearing shim install, would this be worth a try? Seat dealer is only round the corner from work so can alway pop in
  17. Shabb's Mk1 Leon Cupra 1.8T

    Found a receipt for Duelmass & Gear oil but no sign of clutch change, That was done at 30.000 mile ago, (I would of thought that the clutch would of been changed then as everything was off ) Il change the oil & see how i get on,
  18. Shabb's Mk1 Leon Cupra 1.8T

    Since owning the car it's had a bit of a problem this is my weekend car so not been driven much, When cold it seems to be crunch in 1st,2nd, until warm then the gearing is fine, Would this be down to the clutch itself or something else? Also I'm wanting to change the inlet to a right side exit...
  19. Drivers side door electrics

    Iv found a secondhand window mechanism from the same year car as mine but just wanting some information if this will be suitable to work as the numbers are slightly different on the motor, This is the one i have fitted at present: This is the one i have found:
  20. Shabb's Mk1 Leon Cupra 1.8T

    Hi All, Been a member for a while now but not really been on much since joining until recently, used to own a Mk3 Ibiza Cupra, now purchased a Leon Cupra, Here a few picture of her
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