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  1. OldTimerSR

    Roof Rails

    When I changed to my Cupra Ateca from a Santa Fe I needed to increase carrying capacity and went for a roof box. I got a pair of Thule bars from www.roofbox.co.uk that are listed for the Ateca. Foot Pack is TU775, the bars are Evo Wing Bars TU7113B. They fit perfect, and only take one person...
  2. OldTimerSR

    Interested in SEATCUPRA.NET merchandise?

    Love the fleece and Beanie
  3. OldTimerSR

    New 2020 branded clothing

    Look great, I'd go for a t shirt & hoodie. If there is going to options any chance the printing could be copper?
  4. OldTimerSR

    South East members list

    Cupra Ateca, North London
  5. OldTimerSR


    Hello everyone in ‘SeatCupra.net’. I have been logging in a few times since I found the site some months ago. My entry into the ‘family’ is as a result of the 60th birthday present to myself in June last year. I am the very proud owner of a Cupra Ateca C&S plus Design in Rhodium Grey and...
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