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  1. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    had the MOT last monday which she failed on because of the broken rear spring, got a new set from euro car parts fitted on friday morning and the retest done in the afternoon. the only advisory was wishbone bushes on both sides. also had to sort out another years worth of car tax and insurance...
  2. tsotd

    Rumble noise at speed

    as above, wheel bearing or the cv boot
  3. tsotd


    2nd this, sounds like they dont know what they are doing
  4. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    was very lucky with the paintwork but it is starting to show its age, on the front bumper there is some lacquer flaking and there is a bit of rust starting to bubble along the roof rail and im sure that the fuel cap is starting to fade
  5. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    some new front tyres
  6. tsotd

    Alarm going off

    mine goes off sometimes when ever it feels like it, this is down to a doggy door module. do your puddle lights work ok? does your "lights on" warning buzzer come on with the door open?
  7. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    the other half said it fell on the floor and "just broke" maybe but someone must of stood on it for it to snap like that Now £130 lighter in the pocket, auto locksmith came out cut a new key, took the transponder out the old key and put it in the new one
  8. tsotd

    first leon and some problems

    needing a service will not make the EML come on. a fault code reader should tell you what the EML is for
  9. tsotd

    South East members list

    mk1 pre facelift cupra - dover - damien
  10. tsotd

    Problems after fitting boost gauge..

    have you tryed removing the boost gauge pipe so its back to standard just in case it is the gauge which is causing the problems
  11. tsotd

    Need a bit of advice

    bin that tuning box, best guess would be to disconnect the battery remove the box and repair/fix any wiring which has been cut up then reconnect the battery.
  12. tsotd

    what have you done to your car today ?

    ive just been driving mine, mot id due at the end of the month and i need to sort out some new front tyres
  13. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

  14. tsotd

    Revo Stg1 LCR

    is canterbury too far for you to travel?
  15. tsotd

    Steering problem

    get the front end of the car off the ground on axel stands and turn the steering wheel full lock one way then the other to see if anything is catching/rubbing you can do it with or without the wheels on, best to keep them on tho so you can see if they are rubbing on anything.
  16. tsotd

    Steering problem

    have you had a look in the wheel arches to see if anything is catching the wheels when turning?
  17. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    so on saturday just gone "the motorist centre" sorted out the n/s cv boots. i also decided to try and remove the hands free kit for the nokia 3310 that came with the car, i pulled out the OE headunit only to find a fm modulator hidden away, i plugged my phone into it only to find the audio...
  18. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    im going to be getting rid of the catch tank, induction kit and the fmic, if your intrested let me know
  19. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    my interior light above the rear drivers door wasnt working so i jumped on ebay and ordered 2 led's to replace both sides. right is the old bulb and left is the new led all fitted and now they are white not the normal yellow you get some bulbs i mite end up doing the front ones at some...
  20. tsotd

    mk1 custard cupra

    had the 110k service done saturday just gone at the motorist centre in canterbury. they had a qucik noise round the car and found afew things that need sorting. o/s outer cv boot has perished n/s inner/out cv boot is split rear discs are rusty and pads are on the wear limit front discs are...
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