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  1. Which Leon: FR TSI, FR TDI, or Cupra?

    Another vote here. Plus going through the gears feels super fast.
  2. Leon mk3?

    That actually does look quite nice. Might think about trading my one (that's now only a few months old) in for it :D. Reminds me of a scirocco.
  3. finally I picked my leon up

    Also to add to the people saying he shouldn't be using the car to go to college/work (which you're allowed to do). Do you suggest he leaves the car and take a bus? Remember that his mum is choosing to give up her money, in place of a car for him to help her get around. Motability don't give you...
  4. finally I picked my leon up

    for the record, you guys do know that the drivers of the mobility car is allowed to use it to commute to and from work and also to do personal stuff as well? As long as they put the disabled persons needs first of course.
  5. finally I picked my leon up

    Never mind... this thread will be chopped soon enough.
  6. A few pics of my car (fr+)

    like I say, the pics don't really do it justice. This is the first car I've had it on because I felt it was pretty bland. I've had nothing but good things said in the flesh and that's including my grandad who is in his mid-late 60s :D
  7. Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    What/where can I find this? Might give it a little try later.
  8. A few pics of my car (fr+)

    I know use like a few pictures on here and I've not posted any since I got it last month. Just took them today but will try and take more once it's been cleaned :). Hope they worked (I'm on my phone). The dash one's actually look really good in real life. These two photo's...
  9. Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    I've never even seen a unicorn on this. Whenever I search one, there's none. Will get a shot of yours later :D
  10. Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    Thanks for the reply. I take it it's different rules for different courses though? I played it on the Nuremburg and I Defo hit some cars and rewound it but it still counted. Ps I just got a Ferrari f430 for 15,000 buyout :D
  11. Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    Can someone explain rivals? I just done a decent lap (7 in fact) and beat my rival in every one but it didn't count it for some reason. Are you not allowed to even scuff the other cars or use rewind at all?
  12. Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    I will go on soon mate. I take it you just type that in? I'll find it. Don't think I'll beat use though..... At first :D
  13. Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    I just got this game last week and I'm hooked. Level 49. I have no idea how to tune cars but I have made a few designs and sold them. Not played online yet though.
  14. Leon mk3?

    I hope so. I just got a '12 one and would be happy if the new one looked like that :D
  15. Chipped paint.

    Ok mate. I will do that. Thanks again.
  16. Chipped paint.

    Thanks mate. Will I just start a new thread on his section?
  17. Chipped paint.

    Hi everyone. The bucket men hit my car with their bucket and I've got a little chip out the paint. Rather than going through the policeI'm going to hopefully just touch it up myself. Does anyone know where I can get the touch up paint/stick from? And how much I'm looking at paying? It's a '12...
  18. its here its here its here!!!!! :)))

    Just 2 weeks to go mate and at least you know you're definitely getting it on that day as they've got it there. I got my fr+ about a month ago and it's lovely. Bit of a **** to keep clean but my fault for choosing Nevada white :D. Hope you and your family get well soon.
  19. Window won't close. Help.

    I had a look at the seal bit before I posted but couldn't see anything. After reading your post I just went back out and pushed the seal in all around the window and it's went back up. Thank you mate
  20. Window won't close. Help.

    My window won't close and there's nothing that i can see stopping it. I know if you put your hand in between it, it won't go all the way up but there's nothing that i can see in it's way. Does anyone know how i can over ride this? I've tried by using the key but once it gets to the top it just...
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