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  1. Door Seals ?

    I got something less powerful, and less economical - makes perfect sense, not! Mid life crisis time hit, and I felt the need for a two seater convertible, so have bought an MX5 Sport lol. It does handle well, but am having to get used to being without a turbo and oodles of torque - the MX5 needs...
  2. Door Seals ?

    Sad days. I just sold mine :(
  3. Door Seals ?

    Drying mine out with a dehumidifer at the moment, and then its going up for sale
  4. Door Seals ?

    Yes, mine was replaced when I had the door lock changed. But clearly was done badly, as its never been the same since
  5. Door Seals ?

    Mine looked like a frigging swimming pool this morning in the passenger footwell. Seriously, a goldfish could have swam in it. I know it rained hard last night, but that was crazy wet in there! Getting fed up with the car now. Its time to sell it, or if I'm feeling in a really bad mood at the...
  6. Cupra side skirt jack cover's

    A simple search on ebay?
  7. Whats my Cupra Tdi worth?

    Just contemplating changing cars - fancy a mid life crisis two seater convertible, and am wondering what my Leon is worth Cupra TDi in red. Bodywork is in very good condition. Bonnet has the usual stonechips, but other than that its great. Interior, is clean, but it is a 14yr old car. A/C...
  8. Would this be in the seat?

    think mines wet damaged from when the carpet got wet
  9. Would this be in the seat?

    I have the same error. I was told it was the wiring connector under the seat that is the likely culprit, not the sensor in the door!
  10. What's she worth??

    Have you considered swapping over to the Leon Cupra tdi? Much more economical, will take tuning - and then is quite fun!
  11. ARL camshaft

    Excellent. Thanks for the info
  12. ARL camshaft

    How much did the parts cost?
  13. Passenger airbag sensor - how easy is it to get to?

    Oh ok, yeah sounds like the seat does need to come out. Thanks :)
  14. Passenger airbag sensor - how easy is it to get to?

    If I do slice it open, which side of the bar is the connector located - front or back of the bar?
  15. Passenger airbag sensor - how easy is it to get to?

    Is there any way of getting to it without removing the seat - maybe cut a piece of carpet?
  16. Passenger airbag sensor - how easy is it to get to?

    Cheers. I'll give that a go :)
  17. Passenger airbag sensor - how easy is it to get to?

    As per title. Mine is throwing an error, and it seems to be the passenger side under the carpet. Is it easy to get to - googling it mentions cleaning it with contact cleaner
  18. what have you done to your car today ?

    New MOT. Straight through with only an advisory on low rear brake pads. I was concerned about the fact that I had replaced all the front light bulbs with LEDs, but the MOT tester said they were fine - in fact he thought they were a lot better and wanted to know where I got them from!
  19. EGR Valve Query

    Smoke issues on the MOT are for newer cars, not our age cars
  20. Leon MK1 1.9 TDI 66kw - Power loss

    I changed my coolant sensor last year. Since then the temp gauge reads 1/4, and very occasionally will reach halfway. But, doing a temp check, it reaches normal temp and stays there, so not sure whether I have a faulty sensor, or something in the dash - or even if a dodgy thermostat would do this
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