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  1. SEAT's approach to "standard spec"

    My Mk1 Leon had gas struts. I think it falls into the category of the spare wheel concept though. It's nice to have, but when they looked at how often your average punter opened their bonnet / changed to a spare tyre, there seemed little point in spending the money there. Granted with the...
  2. Cupra 300 still king

    You may feel very strongly about your cars but I do wish you took the use of full stops, capital letters, grammar and general paragraph usage somewhere near as seriously. Your post is bordering on impossible to read and I completely understand why it was assumed that £43k was talking about the...
  3. Value for money?

    But that was my point, OP paid ~20% off that list price but gave the list price for the comparison car.
  4. Value for money?

    Is the list price of your carbon Cupra really £30k? At least compare apples with apples.
  5. Mystery letter from Seat

    :happy: Press charges? I am giving him a life changing opportunity here, he should be praising me.
  6. Mystery letter from Seat

    I have an great great uncle in Nigeria who can do you a great deal on some unclaimed inheritance money he has. I'll give him your email address and you can sort it out with him directly. I mean, there is obviously a handling fee to pay upfront, but that is more than covered by the eventual...
  7. Cupra 300 ST stolen this morning

    Why do you need a tracker if they can't steal the car due to the "gearbox malfunction"? Where's the car? On the driveway still...
  8. Strange Mark on Paintwork

    Before you get machine polishing, it is worth taking a look and trying the hairdryer method.
  9. Radio Code

    You'd be better off seeking advice from other MK2 owners. This is the MK3 forum which your 59 reg Cupra will not be so a completely different system.
  10. DTUK Tuning box 150

    I also have mine for sale as I have changed car. With original packaging and fitting instructions etc. Mine also from a 150FR diesel manual and also looking for £150 delivered.
  11. Car Seat Questions

    Yes the Isofix is standard so it will fit there. The question on these car seats though, especially rear facing one for older babies is how much space do they take up and can you still realistically have enough space for a passenger.The usual thing is it will mean you can't have the seat behind...
  12. Navigation button missing

    So you know navigation maps are not available in your country yet you come on here asking where is your nav button?
  13. is this paint or a wrao?

    Yep, that is Apollo Blue having just been detailed. This is my old one after I just had it done.
  14. Super Sports - good offer

    Well quite! That was my point as I was surprised such a certainty that the pound is going to drop below parity for the first time in the history of the Euro in a car forum!
  15. Super Sports - good offer

    What makes you think the pound /euro is going to drop below parity?
  16. yellow brown dots at the back of car

    lighter fluid is a good alternative to a dedicated tar remover, but it will not dissolve iron. Which is what you need. What country are you in?
  17. yellow brown dots at the back of car

    There are two main contaminants your car will pick up, tar based and iron based. Tar remover will deal with the tar which tends to be black sticky marks on your paintwork. Iron, you cannot see until, like has happened to you, it starts to rust and then becomes very evident, espeically on white...
  18. Williams protective coat

    What SRGTD said 100%
  19. Fan noise after turning car off

    Yeah, you are driving a diesel and it is because you have turned the car off in the middle of a dpf regen. In a dpf regen, the temperature of the dpf is artificially increased to burn off the crap. If you stop the car in the middle of this process, the fans will stay on to cool it down...
  20. BANG noise when accelerating VIDEOS

    I think Kazand was talking about notabenem's problem being wheel hop. He quotes him and says it is not the same as the OP (you). I wish some people would read what is etc etc...
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