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  1. "0 Miles" Range

    I work it out as 12.8 L = 2.815606 UK gallons. 35 x 2.815606 = 98.54621 miles, or 98.5 miles to be more sensible about it. I don't get that sort of MPG. I'd get 76 miles.Running out of petrol is no craic at all, so I'll leave it as an untested possibility myself.
  2. "0 Miles" Range

    Sorry about the delay in replying. I had to get back on the Beta App for Carista to see the fuel reserve, and had forgotten about it after the first time I went to check but was limited by the normal Carista App. the reserve is 12.8 litres, so calculating by your average mpg ought to give you an...
  3. 7 speed DSG 290 PPF query

    Adds restriction to the exhaust system. Aftermarket exhaust options likely to be limited, due to the fact the thing is no doubt electronically monitored and would need either mapped out or the sensor(s) tricked. Nigh on pointless on a car with a well designed engine and using high octane fuel.
  4. BMS JB1 who has one?

    I have a similar boost add with a turbo back BCS powervalve, peak boost add is 6.7psi on mine, likely accommodating the 97 RON fuel we're limited to in NI. The rest of the settings match. The map 6 logs of this setup are within acceptable parameters. Goes like stink.
  5. BMS JB1 who has one?

    If you hook up the JB4 and do a WOT throttle run in Map 2 from low revs to the red line in third & 4th, send the logs to George, he'll send you back the correct map 6 settings for your car. It'll work with bolt on mods, so if you go down that route, the same again applies. They're pretty much...
  6. Cupra 290/300 or golf R

    It depends whether you like actual driving or just racing away from folk at the traffic lights. When I tested the R, S3 & RS3 I found them to be a bit detached, like driving an arcade machine. They went where you pointed them, with a detached feel about it. I'm not sure with the traction off if...
  7. Sub 8 and TTS disc comparability?

    There's a dual problem with the Brembo discs and pads. The Brembo discs are cast in one piece, cooled in a controlled manner (sprue) & heat treated. This leaves the metal inside softer, with the grain structure that's needed only on the surface and to an as best possible depth. The problem with...
  8. Sub 8 and TTS disc comparability?

    The performance pack 370mm discs I bought a few months ago came from a Seat dealership with the Audi stamps on them. The originals from the retrofit performance pack kit had the Audi stamp on them too. The 370mm Brembos are an Audi parts bin special. The Seat part number is S8J0615301K The...
  9. Anyone used Ferodo pads with the 370 mm Brembos?

    As per the title, I'm wondering if anyone has tried the 2500 or 3000 compound Ferodo pads for the 370 performance pack Brembos? I've switched to Tarox pads, with the aim of conserving the discs (the metal cores in the Brembo pads cause hot spots & destroy the discs, assumed to be an...
  10. Cupra and Nurbuegring lap time?

    For entertainment's sake, and to show if they really wanted to there's definitely more to squeeze from the MK3 Cupra (perhaps not quite as much as 7:30 for a car you'd want to live with, but still):
  11. It’s been a while..but I have fond memories of my Cupra

    Thanks for the mention man. If you do come back to the fold, doing the things on the thread on sorting traction will make the JB4 power a bit more useful off the line. Only in the wet do you need to be overly cautious, otherwise it's off like a stabbed rat. Take care and perhaps see you when the...
  12. Eventuri intake

    There's little evidence with the EA888Gen 3 high output that an intake will make very much difference at all to the power output. They generally make the claims of stage 2 over stage 1, and the main benefit there comes from the de-restriction in the exhaust delivered by of an aftermarket...
  13. Please Help. Cupra 300 discs fail/problem!

    The Tarox strada pads are meant to come with wear sensors. They failed to send them when I ordered mine, and after I contacted them they failed to get a set to me, with poorly thought out excuses. Allegedly DPD issues, but failed to provide any tracking info, then claimed they were returned...
  14. Golf GTI TCR - or should I say, a Cupra? :)

    Fiddling with the differential, the torque limiter and the XDS settings via OBD should get the same results from a Cupra. There' no mechanical differences. Plus, automann TV managed to get a stock 300 to 100 kph in 5.2 seconds.
  15. Cupra 280 - JB1 kit

    1. It's an under-tray removal job. There's just a few bolts holding the under-tray on. Fitting or removal of a JB1 is a 20 min job all in. 2. It'll do retain the same mpg as unless you put your foot down, the jb1 isn't doing anything and you're running on the car's own ECU, so no different...
  16. BMW M2 & driver

    Original Audi R8 V8 414bhp 1560 kg 265 bhp/ton QED
  17. BMW M2 & driver

    Cupra SC 1395 kg Stock 215 bhp/ton Stage 1, (350-370 bhp) 251-265 bhp/ton Stage 2 (370-400 bhp) 265-287 bhp/ton Cupra 5 door 1431 kg Stock 210 bhp/ton Stage 1, (350-370 bhp) 245-259 bhp/ton Stage 2 (370-400 bhp) 259-280 bhp/ton FWD Cupra ST 1440 KG Stock 208 bhp/ton Stage 1 (350-370...
  18. BMW M2 & driver

    More like he didn't know how to drive.
  19. BMW M2 & driver

    I find that's where the Cuora does best, pushing the big money mobiles in the twisty stuff. The relatively low weight coupled with good tyres, a digbone insert & modding the differential via obd seems to have sorted all the niggles out. The big Brembos help cimpensate for over enthuiasm. Just...
  20. BMW M2 & driver

    With the dp only, prior to the turbo back exhaust, my power to weight was approx 250 bhp/ton. I'm guessing it's marginally more now.
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