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  1. Boost pressure issues

    My stage 1 map is peaking 15/16 psi dropping off to 11/12psi at redline. Mine keeps randomly dropping off, it's either a boost leak on fmic pipework or my standard dv leaking.
  2. Boost pressure issues

    Yeah was maf sensor, boosting at 16psi now, Although the odd time it only boosts to 5ish but when I lift off and back on throttle it boosts fully again???
  3. wheel spin madness

    Don't use the accelerator as an on/off switch, I had a 210bhp touran that could spin up in 4th in the wet if I wanted to, but drive it properly and you could get the power down within reason, it's the torque that spins the wheels not bhp. Coilovers helped reduce soon as front end didn't lift...
  4. Artic Mk3 Ibiza Cupra

    All fixed now, back boosting properly, also found out it's got a 2.5" downpipe and cat fitted, bonus! Finally cleaned her after a month of owning it.
  5. Is this a standard downpipe?

    Been out and measured it, 2.5" bore so not standard,
  6. Boost pressure issues

    New maf ordered from tps, £110, will fit tomorrow and run some more logs, Cheers bill.
  7. Is this a standard downpipe?

    Hmm... Maybe a sports cat, do we know what the standard bore size should be?
  8. Is this a standard downpipe?

    Does this look like a standard downpipe and cat for a 2001 ayp cupra? Looking at sold ones on eBay, the cat part looks a lot smaller in diameter? Sorry for the poor pics On vcds when I do a readiness test on engine cat and 02 sensor come up as a fail? Thanks all
  9. Boost pressure issues

    Why am I only getting 70g/s max? Tried original airbox, which is still the same. No fault codes? 10psi max maybe hits 11psi in 4th. Do I need full vagcom to log 115 and 118? Checked vac pipes and boost pipes, all seem good, going to make a leak tester and see if I can find any leaks, which...
  10. Boost pressure issues

    Right, tried to log 003,115,118 would only let me do 003? Says I need to register my vcds to log the others? Anyhow could only manage a quick run in 2nd to redline and the maximum max reading was 69.4 g/s? Is it me or is that really really low!
  11. Boost pressure issues

    Cheers bill, Off to do some logging at 10, 3rd gear pull 2k to 6k Will post up results later.
  12. Boost pressure issues

    I've just ran it with maf un plugged, it boosted to 11 maybe 12 psi in 3rd and 4th and made the idle a bit lumpy but still drove well. Would this indicate its a duff one? Is it measuring blocks 003, 008 and 115 on vcds?
  13. Boost pressure issues

    No fault codes logged? what blocks do I need to log on vag com? Definitely only 10 psi max now,
  14. No speedo or revs?

    Multi plug connector slightly off under dash behind fuse box, not sure how that's happened? Clocks working now, only boosting 11 psi where as it was 16 psi, so need to check maf, n75 and vac pipes.
  15. No speedo or revs?

    Now fixed
  16. Boost pressure issues

    Now it won't go over 10 psi at all. Will run vag com later see what codes come up, any ways to check n75 or maf in the mean time
  17. Boost pressure issues

    Hi all Stage 1 ayp cupra, Boosts to around 16psi in gears 2 to 5 yet sometimes it only boosts to 11psi. Any ideas why it does this? Thanks
  18. No speedo or revs?

    No engine light on, will check grounds, will be on vag com later in week
  19. No speedo or revs?

    Has anyone had any similar faults?
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