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  1. roger7248

    Spare wheel from Mk2 fit Mk3?

    Personally I would check it out when the sun is shining and the car is on your drive. Nothing worse than finding it doesn't fit in pouring rain at night in a country lane.
  2. roger7248

    Navigation System Updates

    Rhetoric question: Haven't we decided that unless the maps are registered to the car by the dealer putting anything else on is useless? If so it would seem the only way you are going to get SatNav back is to go to your dealer and open your wallet to buy the latest version :cry:
  3. roger7248


    Don't know for sure, but I wonder if it maybe something to do with the "choke" (in)action. that might differ between a normal "cold" start and a "stop/start" start. TBH I've never noticed it, just always assumed if there is any bogging down its due to me and my driving skills
  4. roger7248

    Navigation System Updates

    Not according to my dealer!! Having read all about updates I thought i would go to them as a "thicko" and see what happened. I bought the updated maps V5 (I have V3) for £125 inc VAT. Just plug the card in they said! When it arrived I opened the box and the instructions said "must be fitted...
  5. roger7248

    Where is the glovebox lamp switch ?

    YOu won't notice it. Unless of course you it worm inside your brain to such an extent that it turns into paranoia. [B)]
  6. roger7248

    Convenience Pack - Lights always dipped

    A wonderful example of electronics being too good for their own benefit. Fortunately i don't have the convenience pack, so all I do is switch the lights on with the switch when it gets dark :happy:
  7. roger7248

    Service schedules?

    Being a bit of a cynic, I'm guessing Seat assume you will take your car to them for servicing and the requirements are on their service sheets, so why should they bother to list them all in a book. It also probably allows them to vary the requirements if needs must.
  8. roger7248

    cheap goodyear tyres

    I've got a feeling they are not very good sorting out their website. Just looked and found the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 225/40 R18 Y (92 XL) at £83.84 and also £101.49!! Maybe one to keep an eye on. <EDIT> Sorry Dan, see you spotted this already!
  9. roger7248

    heated rear screen not working

    Another electrical glitch? - back to the dealer if it doesn't correct itself immediately.
  10. roger7248

    LED Headlight Leveling

    There have been a few posts about electrical glitches that seem to correct themselves when reset. This may have to be added to them. Could be an external factor (dampness?) or a weakness in the electrics. If it was a computer the "if all else fails.." route is often taken. Since cars...
  11. roger7248

    seat roadside assistance 2 years or 1?

    I'm guessing by the wording it follows the vehicle, but if you have it serviced by Seat in the next 2 years (or as many years as you do it) you get it anyway. You could phone the customer care 0500 222 222 for a definitive answer if nobody else provides it.
  12. roger7248

    satnav not loading from sd card

    ............... and based upon what's gone on before make sure THEY fit it and check it works. If it doesn't don't allow them off the hook to making it work. As was stated they appear to have to be paired with the vehicle, and as yet nobody (including apparently many dealers doing it for the...
  13. roger7248

    Miles per tank

    Mine came with Bridgestone Turanzas, and TBH they are one of the quietest I've ever had.
  14. roger7248

    Auto Adjusting Wing Mirror

    What a load of b*ll*cks :redface: Drove the car today, first time for a couple of weeks, and the "O" is there!!!!! I'm sure I read somewhere that there is another button setting to do the mirror down, but maybe not. I'll get my coat, and leave this thread :doh:
  15. roger7248

    Auto Adjusting Wing Mirror

    I'm one of the MY13 that doesn't have it. One thought, in the posts above one or two have mentioned a position "O". Is this between L and R? If so that's missing on mine, which would indicate its the door module that is different.
  16. roger7248

    Engine didn't restart automatically in stop-start mode

    I've had it a couple of times in 11 months of ownership. Presumed the "brain" recognised something wrong and switched off start/stop. Since very limited not taken it further, yet.
  17. roger7248


    I was thinking about them, but after an hour on that well known search site found enough people who had problems with them not to bother. Before you ask can't remember! :shrug:
  18. roger7248

    Spare wheel

    No. My spare came with all the styro (?) packing for the tools, so it fits completely in the well in place of the repair kit packing. If you are willing to do without the foam and do some re-packing it might work, but my plan is whenever car is sold to refit the emergency kit (who bothers...
  19. roger7248

    Service Intervals

    The fixed scheme also adds 12months to the 10K. Mine was set to variable, but because I bought a maintenance deal, they changed the software to fixed. I'm wondering if I made the right choice, especially since mileage is reducing following my change of the other car.
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