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  1. Flameboydan

    HID install, is this correct?

    I've finally got round to getting a set of HIDs which I'm fitting at the weekend. I thought I'd check I've got it right in my head before I give it a go, is this right: ? It looks pretty straight forward which is why I think I'm missing something. I had a look through the FAQ but some of...
  2. Fien

    Correct mpg on LCR??

    I appologise in advance for starting a new thread on mpg but have just got my car and was curious about it. I've had the car just over a week and about 300 miles (not a lot i know) but have averaged about mid 20's. I'm not that bothered about this as i'm going to be doing alot of city driving...
  3. Yorkshire Bob

    Correct alloy wheel size and off-set

    Ok...so i now have my HID's in and ECU re-mapped thanks to everyone for their input, i now want to get some sweet alloys, really into the idea of the NEW RS4 style, still umming and aaghing over GUNMETAL or not, bottom line, i don't want to buy the wrong off-set and have 18" alloys sticking out...
  4. Are these the correct aero replacement wipers and arms?

    Hi guys, sorry to start yet another thread about mk4 golf aero wipers! But can someone please confirm that these are the right ones to get (without having to trim anything) for my 2005 LCR? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220551031535 Cheers!
  5. Wolvotim

    Am i running the correct boost?

    Cleaned my TB and reset it today then took it for a run and did a log of it Am i correct in thinking that you take 1000mbar off the reading to give your boost?? If so the reading in red equates to 10psi which i thought is a little high for a standard LC? Saturday 6 February 2010 16:19:52...
  6. Is my reasoning correct here?

    Heres the observations/problems: My police siren (Turbo) noise has disappeared to be replaced by more of a throaty wooshy/hissing sound when I floor throttle, but not quite as much oomph as usual and a bit of a delay at the same time - throttle response is usually instaneous. Engine light...
  7. Correct 1.4tdi fuel economy

    Hi, I have a 2003 1.4 TDI S Arosa and I was wondering what I should get out of a full tank, I can only get just over 300 miles out of a full tank city driving, is this normal as I was expecting more :(
  8. joesmad4it

    Correct tyre pressure on Cupra TDI

    Tried searching on here and only found a few threads which doesn't seem to come to any agreement on it. As the front is much heavier than the rear should the fronts have more pressure or not? My friend is running 36PSI on the front and 32 on the rear in his coupe and that seems to make sense to...
  9. gav_FR

    Is Wikipedia correct - Driver Steering Recommendation on Mk1 Leon?

    According to Wikipedia (so it must be true :rolleyes:), for the Mk1 Leon it says: Didn't realise my car had this :confused:
  10. meltonlad

    which is correct gauge or climate

    ive just changed my green top temp sender unit as my temp gauge never moved off 60. since changing the temp gauge works but when i go into the climate setting 51 that is reading 90 and the gauge is reading 70ish :confused:
  11. Aimez

    Are these the correct top mounts & bearings?

    Are these correct ready fro fitting my coilovers, used the part number everyone says on here this came to £44.26 everyone said they were cheaper than that! Do I need anything else for fitting coilovers? :confused:
  12. J0N

    Correct Ross Tech Cable?

    Is this the correct cable for use with a 2005 (05) LCR (Windows Vista) and does anywhere in the UK supply them? http://www.ross-tech.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=VCKII&Category_Code=VAGCOM
  13. Nef

    whats the correct name of my paint?

    just about to order a new freshly paint mirror and just needed the correct name for my paint, i know its black but is there some other fancy name for it?
  14. Correct way to fit side-skirts?

    Wasn't sure which is the correct way to fit the side-skirts... Or doesn't it really matter? OR
  15. Correct Tyre Pressures?

    Well I'm sure I read some where in the manual that it was 33psi front & 30psi rear but I had my 2 rear tyres changed today & the guy said that they should be 26psi rear & 29psi front...so what is the correct pressure for standard LCR 18"s? Cheers Will
  16. CupraElliott

    Black FR TDI correct and protected

    http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=135481 I think the owner is a member on here but not sure of his username.
  17. wont connect but correct com port

    Hi, Ive got a mk3 Ibiza TDI sport, I have been trying to connect with Vag-com but It wont connect, I keep getting "no response from controller" error message. Ive tried a few different versions, 4 different cables (one of which ross tech serial cable), and 3 different laptops!!! Ive set the...
  18. correct tyre pressure

    what is the correct tyre pressure for the new ibiza cupra?
  19. Poundie

    Wheel advice - Correct offset

    Ive seen a set of DZ's for sale but not sure if they will go on my Ibiza Cupra, any help guys? DZ Exklusiv 4x100/4x108 16", There ET15, Rears are 9x16, fronts are 7.5x16 Cheers Dan
  20. are these the correct springs for my car

    seat ibiza mk3 1.4 chill just want to make sure if these are the correct ones? and if there a good price Manufacturer : Jamex Springs & Kits Category : Jamex Springs Sub-category : Jamex Springs - Seat Application : Ibiza 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 08/99> 40mm Product Code: JX-120624 Details ...
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