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1.9tdi gearbox oil change….

Russell Jupp

Active Member
Dec 5, 2017
Hi all,
gear changes from 2nd - 3rd getting a bit notchy, so decided its time to replace gearbox oil. (91,000 miles).
So. unscrewed level / filler plug. Level seemed fine. Just on the lower edge of hole.
So. Unscrewed drain plug. Only approx 1/2 litre came out…

Hmmm, oil level at the filler / level plug hardly dropped.
Am I missing something? a brain maybe?



Active Member
Feb 19, 2018
East Yorkshire
Sometimes you need to rotate the wheels to move things about in the gearbox.
Or maybe you unscrewed the wrong drain plug?

Our 57 reg altea XL with 124K on the clock when bought only had 0.5 litres in and the gearbox had badly worn bearings as the garage the previous owner had used never checked the oil level. No wonder it was whining :D

A gearbox rebuild and some new bearings in the gearbox and good oil and all is well again.


Catch that diesel!
Mar 17, 2006
North Kent
5-speed or 6-speed box? Capacities are 2 litres for the 5-speed and 2.3 for the 6-speed.

Excuse me for asking dumb questions, but the car was level when you checked the oil, I hope? You're supposed to fill the thing up until oil dribbles out of the level plug - is it possible that it was just oily and not actually full up to the level/filler hole?

Otherwise, as Mark said, slosh things about a bit.
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