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150 tdi or 150 act


Active Member
Sep 9, 2013
Really depends on how many miles you drive, as 150 tdi has a dpf which don't like short journeys


Active Member
Jun 26, 2014
Ayrshire (Scotland)
was in the same boat, glad i went for the 150tdi really nice to drive and havent had any problems with the dpf, i do alot of motorway driving tho
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Active Member
I had the the FR 1.4 ACT for 2 months now, couldn't be happier. I main do low milage commutes and the car is showing just over 42mpg. It's very quiet and smooth to drive.

It's a punchy little engine when needed and warms up very quickly, which is nice during this cold weather.


Active Member
May 13, 2014
I love my 150 tdi, but I did come from a megane estate 1.5 dci. the FR has plenty of power, great fuel efficiency and cheap company car allowance. I will go for the 184 next mind - more power = more fun!


Active Member
Jun 26, 2014
I got out of my fn2 civic type r and test drove the 150tdi. Yes it's not as quick but done my job. Plus looking forward to more than 29/30mpg for a while lol


Active Member
Jul 5, 2014
Meppershall Beds.
I really like the 184, it's got great performance and economy, but I do worry about the DPF as I do mainly short jouneys.
So occasionally I have to take it out for a 30 minute blast in lower gears to make sure it's cleared out!
had I known about this, and had the 150ACt option.......might have gone for that instead.
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