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2.0 fsi, 2nd gear


Barmy Army Reservist (TA)
Apr 26, 2007
Bury St Edmunds/Stowmarket-ish
I have a 2.0fsi reference sport, 2007.

2nd gear has become a little grindy to get into, only happens going up the gears.

Anyone else with a petrol 6 speed box experienced this?

Any idea why its happening, all the other gears are fine, and changing down into second from third no problem either.
Sep 17, 2011
I had the same prob and when the gearbox was oiled on the last service it was fine
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Yellow is the best
Feb 21, 2006
location , location
From my local main dealer, "Gearbox oil change is 136.15 inc parts labour and VAT "

Seem fair, or steep?
Well all depends what you mean by steep?

they lift the car up , remove the undertray , undo a socket screw , drain the oil , put the screw back in , fill the gearbox , put undertray back on and lower the car.

Have a search for cost of gearbox oil , £40 max?
so £90 to do as above

would rather do it myself save the £90
but if your car is in waranty get them to do it or try an independant.


Barmy Army Reservist (TA)
Apr 26, 2007
Bury St Edmunds/Stowmarket-ish
OK, car has been in, had the gear oil changed, (also had the linkage checked and adjusted where needed, and I would add that the garage didn't charge me for this, I was quoted £207 for the intermediate service and gear oil change, and thats all I paid, so thank you Gorse Motors)

Well, I have done 30 miles (the last 5 were possibly in excess of the national speed limit), so the gearbox and engine were well up to temperature

I went off somewhere quiet, did a few standing starts, then changed into second, and I am glad to report "so far, so good", no crunchy changes yet.

Fingers crossed, the problem is solved
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