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2008 k1 white *pics added*


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Aug 2, 2019
Guys and girls, I am thinking of selling my 2008 k1, this was nit the plan and it will be sad to see her go but an unexpected change of job means I no longer need transport. Car has had a lot of work done recently so please read on.

I am in no rush to sell so no silly offers, tyre kickers etc.

Year 2008
Mileage 123k
Currently SORN
MOT is due soon, will sell with new ticket
Colour white
Usual cupra refinements
Air con
Ipod dock under drivers seat
Factory fitted xenons
Rain sensor
Front fogs etc etc

Overall in good condition, no dents, car park dings etc
Slight scuff on wing mirror cover (pictured)
Some stone chips on bonnet but its not peppered, just the usual
Rims in good condition, passenger front is the worst one, kerbed and someone has touched it up but not terrible (pictured) rest are in fair to good condition (as pictured)
Lacquer peel on spoiler needs attention (tried to photo it but hasnt come out great)
Team heko wind deflectors all round
Cleans up quite well but would deffo benefit from a good mop/machine polish

Veey good for the age, some slight wear on drivers side bolster and a fag burn from a previous owner (i dont smoke nor does the car smell of smoke) pictured
A weird dent in the dash above the glovebox passenger side, pictured.
All electrics working
Drivers side wing mirror is a bit creaky and is slower than the passenger wing mirror when folding/unfolding. Was my intention to strip and grease the little gearbox, not a hard job.
Standard stereo, I have a double din unit with surround and a reverse camera thats all brand new which can be negotiated into any potential deal.

Work ive had done in my ownership:
New ignition barrel/key recoded genuine seat (ignition barrel broke on the day I took ownership, was fixed under warranty)
New battery
2 new genuine seat rear springs (both were broken, fronts were inspected and were all good)
New headgasket
Head skimmed
New valve stem seals
Valves lapped back in to suit
Camshaft timing chain and tensioner
Cambelt and tensioner
HPFP follower
X4 new plugs
X4 new coilpacks
Injectors removed and sonic cleaned, new seals and new baskets fitted
Fuel filter
Oil filter & Oil (was changed again after first 100 miles)
Cabin filter
New coolant

Before the stripdown a pressure test was done and gave solid, consitent readings across all four cylinders (153psi iirc)

Clutch and gearbox feel lovely and smooth, nothing suspect and neither give me cause for concern.

Pulls as it should, no hesitations, misfires etc.

The bulb warning indicator light is on on the dash as i tried to fit LED sidelights but they kept blowing!! I have the original 501's just not got around to fitting them back.

Car is 100% standard apart from the wind deflectors (20bhp right there haha)

After all the work carried out it gives a good solid base for some tuning, as was my intention.

Price £6000
I think this is very fair considering mileage, condition and the fact that most major service items have been covered.



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Aug 2, 2019
People, im sorry if the pics dont work. Dont know if its just me or what but I have real issues posting pics to this forum.

Pics on my phone are too big to upload and if I crop them to reduce file size the pic is worthless, any help please?


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Aug 2, 2019
Alternatively any interested parties please PM me with an email address and ill gladly email them across :thumbup:
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