2020 Leon CUPRA lap timer HELP

Oct 4, 2020
I've tried searching the forum for help on this but didn't have any luck so far.

Had my Leon CUPRA delivered 3 weeks ago now, love the car it's everything I thought it would be...

Anyway, was allowed to do some speed runs on the RAF base where I do some contract work and was interested in seeing 0-60 times etc but couldn't quite work out how to do it correctly. It seems to me that if you use the centre console Lap timer the timer automatically starts when the vehicle sets off, great, but then you have to manually, while driving at 60mph and under hard acceleration press the screen at the exact moment you hit 60 to get an accurate time, bit tricky TBH.

I then noticed the other lap timer in the Digital Cockpit, so I tried that, but that doesn't seem to automatically start when the vehicle sets off??? Which is a bit odd, and naff IMHO...

Does anybody know whether it's possible for the Digital Cockpit timer to automatically start when the vehicle sets off and then obviously I can use the wheel button on the steering wheel to stop when I hit 60mph.

Sorry if this is a noob question, I tried without success to find the answer in the Manual but to no avail. Cheers 😊


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Aug 16, 2007
its a lap timer... for doing laps of circuits not for 0-60. use a GPS timer on phone or V-Box.

Wrong section as well this is for the MK4 Leon, urs is a MK3 Leon.
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