35w. Vs. 55w.

Ibza cupra

Yeah so as it says in the title 35w hids or 55w hids. I hAve seen kits for both whats the difference and what is the recomended one to go for?
I have done some research on here and noted that most people have the 55w kits but i have seen a kit on fleebay (35w) who are selling in england, So delivery will be fast. As one of my lights just popped tonight that is favourAble. I cant put the link up because i aint got enough post .
Any help appreciated


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Apr 24, 2008
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I have a 55w kit and it is too bright blinding other drivers after having them correctly adjusted, one ballast has gone so I am changing to a 35w kit!


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Nov 20, 2010
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As they're illegal in the UK unless the proper projectors etc are installed, I opted for the 55w 5000k slim ballast ones, but fitted them to the main beam, not the dipped, as when you NEED bright lights, you normally have no one else around.

And yes they are brighter than the 35w equivalent!

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