ABS, TC & LTP warning lights

Apr 13, 2007
Over the last couple of days I've had the ABS, Traction Control and Low Tyre Pressure warning lights come on a few while driving. Stopping and restarting the engine clears them and they'll either stay off for the rest of the journey, or reappear after about 10 mins. The car doesn't feel any different to drive although I've not had cause to slam on the anchors and see if it come to a stop in a timely manner or just continues to sail down the road. Any ideas what might be causing this - I'm guessing the intermittent nature of it suggests some form of sensor is on the way out, but really have no idea.
Thanks in advance!


Catch that diesel!
Mar 17, 2006
North Kent
The common factor here is the ABS sensor. Can you get someone with VCDS to read the error codes, as that should tell you which sensor to look at. There's an outside chance that it is the sensor ring rather than the sensor itself, but you should be able to narrow it down to one wheel.
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